You can achieve perfect results with simple adjustments for your frames to fit well. No need to spent on shipping for your frames to be adjusted Very simple steps can help you achieve that


If your glasses are too high, gently push the plastic nose pads out. Do this on both sides until they sit to the desired height. This technique is best for metal and wired frames. The metal frame sits and bends and needs to re-adjust the temples so that they generally sit above your ears. If you want the frame to sit up higher, it’s just a matter of adjusting the nose pads – which are the two parts here that sit right across the bridge of your nose that put the frame into position.


If the glasses are too low, use a blower to blow about 4 inches from the bridge of the frame for 30 seconds. Then bend left and right in the direction of the nose. This technique is only suitable for plastic and acetate frames. The most common machine for adjusting the acetate or plastic frame is the frame heater, hair blower can also be used. Essentially, if you have a plastic frame, one of its arms is too high, or it is stretched because it is worn on your head, rolling over it or sitting down on it, then you only need to heat the frame and bend it back to its original position.


For acetate or plastic frames, the temples should be heated by a warm air source, such as a hairdryer, to make the plastic or acetate flexible. Slowly move your temples up by hand until it is in the position you want. Be careful when using a hairdryer because you may melt plastic or acetate.

Another way to bend the acetate or plastic frame is to run in hot water for 15 to 25 seconds before making adjustments. The arm should be flexible enough to be adjusted, but be careful.

Sometimes, the glasses on your face may look crooked when you wear them. This is because the temples are uneven and crooked themselves. It is very simple to fix them with just a little push on the temples to make their length even and uniform. This video below will help you adjust your crooked frames.