Do Not Honor is the most common reason for credit card failure when making online payments. It refers to a transaction which the issuing bank considers risky and which is rejected by the issuing bank. Several reasons account for this message alert:

1. Overconsumption by cardholders. Some card-issuing banks protect the security of its credit CARDS, by refusing overconsumption of cardholders. Some cardholders set it up themselves, and they may not have gone to the issuing bank to cancel it because they thought they were spending at home.

2. Some buyers set their own limit on the amount of online shopping which results in payment failure when the limit is exceeded.

3. The buyer has a poor credit card record. For such failed transactions, the merchant’s website can also prompt consumers on the returned information of failed transactions to protect the merchant’s online store from possible fraudulent activities.


In situations like this, customers of ABBE glasses should, first of all, try a different browser or clear the cache memory of their browsers and try the payment process again. Also, customers can change and use a different credit card to be sure and certain it is not related to any of the above-mentioned causes. When the problem still persists, the customer is encouraged to contact the card-issuing bank to declare that the transaction is my own consumption, and ask the bank to cancel the relevant restrictions and also to get the exact explanation to the situation