Progressive lenses are the perfect choice for people that are both short-sighted and far-sighted. Progressives include the added benefit of a no-line lens with an intermediate distance, which is useful for tasks such as computer usage.

Segment Height (Seg)

With our Digital Progressive lenses, your SEG height is calculated with our proprietary algorithm based on your prescription and frame selection. That means there is no need to enter this measurement when ordering your progressive lenses from us.

Adapting to Progressives

Progressive glasses can take time to get used to — from three to almost a dozen days! Luckily, our 2-week return policy lets you adjust to them at your own pace, worry-free. If you do not feel any improvement after three days of wear, please contact us for assistance

  1. While adapting point your nose at the object you are looking at rather than moving your head from side to side. It is normal at the start for objects to the side to seem out of focus; as you adjust the blurred sensation will disappear.
  2. Look straight ahead and make sure that your vision is clear.
  3. Pick up a book or magazine. Look down your lens and point your nose at the text.
  4.  Extend the printed material out to where you normally read and gently move your head up and down. You should notice a smooth transition between all distances.
  5.  Now, move the material without turning your head and notice that the print is less sharp. Point your nose in the direction of the material, raise your chin up slowly, and see the print glide into focus.
  6. By following these steps you will soon be reading, using your computer, watching TV, and driving with the ultimate crystal clarity.

Bifocal Lenses

The traditional Bifocal lens accommodates for both near and far vision by adding a unique lower lens with ADD vision value for reading and near vision.