What eyeglasses are in style now?

Are you looking for a pair of eyeglasses that will complement your facial features and personality? If so, look no further than ABBE glasses online shop. We have everything from traditional eyeglass frames to oversize aviator glasses!

No matter the season, we'll always be bringing you the latest and greatest eyeglasses styles; whether it's eyeglasses for men or women! Trends change quickly with eyewear, however there are some pairs that will never go out of style.

Fashion Glasses

Fashion changes with the seasons as such you do not have to limit your glasses to a single look. Wearing glasses not only opens the subject as a starter but also makes you excited about your appearance. Choosing a pair of glasses in the morning to match your clothes is like choosing the right jewellery, belt and shoes. Visit our website for more details.

Classic Glasses

Even if you work in a creative field, a suit that’s tailored like it was made just for you will become a go-to for work meetings, job, parties and anywhere else where you’re meant to look professional and elegant our classy glasses such as David, Eliana, Zaire are some of the picks

Lightweight Glasses

Light and featherweight frames make it easy to come to the realisation that you don't have your glasses on, however you really wearing them. They come in different material types such as metal and titanium fine-wires, providing an extra comfortable fit for both men and women and for all occasions. The shapes are perfectly top-notch.

Colorful Glasses

Whether you want to appear sophisticated, flamboyant, fun-loving, youthful, conservative or style-conscious, the right spectra composition is uniquely designed to fit your looks. This means your colour selection can define your personality. We have a variety of colours such as black, grey, ash, tortoise, yellow, translucent, leopard. We have multicolours for your choice.

Big Glasses

The big frames design is a popular trend in fashion, suitable for adults and children. The frames can be availed in size variety, which largely depends on the budget of the customer and his/her need for stylish fashion items. The large glasses are designed for all occasions. Whether you're looking for something that will complement your formal attire or wanting to grab attention with something fun and eye-catching, our frames are designed to fit your needs.

Small Glasses

These small glasses frames can effortlessly make your eyes look larger. These small slim lightweight glasses are perfect for everyday use. Great for reading and computer usage.Our tiny glasses frames are perfect for those who like to express their style, but don't need the oversize look. The ultra-lightweight frames can be matched with any outfit, and they come in two flattering shapes that fit well with most face shapes. They are comfortable, not heavy at all and just the right size for almost any face.

Cute Glasses

The frame style is trendy and cute. To improve the comfort level of wearing the eyeglasses we will choose different materials with different sizes to make it comfortable for people to wear them. The cute glasses frames made of high quality material are designed to reflect up-to-date fashion trends, making the spectacles outstanding. The colors can be different so you can choose what best matches your clothes. Our stylish glasses are designed for an everyday use.They will make you feel charming and confident, help you to appear younger and more attractive. They’ll fit any face and come in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Irrespective of regular or oval shape, our frames will keep you young and trendy for years to come.

Thin Frame Glasses

These thin frame glasses are very light, very stylish, cool design made especially for high school students. Thin frame glasses look great on a number of different face shapes and suit both men and women. Made from a flexible material, these glasses aren't just flexible but comfortable to wear too. Our thin frame glasses are ideal for people who love the look of thick frames but need slim designs.Our thin glasses are light-weight, durable, and do not give you that ‘heavy’ feeling on your face. They are made with the finest materials so your nose bridge will not hurt even after wearing them for hours! ABBE thin frame glasses for men and women are the perfect combination of quality and beauty. The frames line is made with a variety of colors, styles and material choices. The glasses boast a classic and simple style that complements every face shape and style.

Thick Frame Glasses

These thick frame glasses are designed for people with thick and big frames. With a wide spectrum of colors and designs, they come in different shapes:cat eye, browline, oval, round, rectangle and square.These thick frame glasses offer great protection and performance with a classic and sharp design.The eyeglasses are designed with thick frames to provide maximum comfort. The thick frame glasses are solid and sturdy, which make them long-lasting. They are inexpensive yet durable enough to wear everyday, makes them quite popular among people for studying or working on projects that require extended time to complete.