Numerous clients have posed inquiries about the level of tints and when and how to buy tints as additional items to glasses obtained from ABBE Glasses. The review below clarifies the level of tints from dark, to medium to light. A lens tint is a permanent colour in the lens used for either fashion or as sunglasses. This is a solid lens tint, meaning that the colour and strength of the tint will be the same from the top to the bottom of the lens. A dark degree tint is a dark sunglass tint for bright outdoor conditions. We recommend the dark Gray tint for most sunglass applications.

A medium degree tint is a mild sunglass tint that is usually not too dark to make it unusable indoors while giving some medium/light sunshade protection outdoors. Only light colours are recommended if the glasses are to be used indoors. A light tint is a very light cosmetic/fashion tint barely noticeable to the wearer but provides a slight hint of colour to people looking at the wearer. Since the brightness and tint density displayed can vary on each monitor for the identical image, even on those hooked up to the same computer, the colour examples displayed above may not be an exact match to the tint you will receive. Nevertheless, the colour chart above should give you a good indication of how they will look.


Standard tints are one strong shading from the top to the base of the focal point. For open-air use, a darker sunglass tint is ideal. ABBE Glasses gradient glasses are affordable and come with an array of colours to choose from such as brown, green, blue, pink.


Gradient tints are darkest at the highest point of the focal point and bit by bit get lighter towards the base. They are a chic decision for outside shades. They are great for driving because they block the sun at the top of the head and allow more light to pass through the lower half of the lens so you can clearly see the dashboard. Gradient lenses are great for driving because the top half of the lens protects your eyes from the sun, but the lower part is not deeply coloured to make it easier to see the dashboard (or change your radio song without having to put your sunglasses on) Gradient lenses are also suitable for pilots for the same reason. They make it easier for people to look back and forth between the sky and the dashboard in the front. Our gradient glasses are unique and come with an array of colours to choose from such as brown, green, blue, pink etc.


Mirrored lenses have a reflective coating on the surface of the lens, and like polarization, they lessen glare. Mirrored sunglasses generally reflected shades are known for emitting a demeanour of intensity. A few people even call them "cop shade" But you don't need to be a bike cop, a pilot, or some other specialist figure, to draw off this look. What's more, you don't need to get them in the exemplary Aviator shape! Mirrored shades are picking up prevalence in high style just as game execution circles. Although mirrored shades are a striking style articulation, they are not simply corrective. This covering will diminish the measure of light to your eyes; decrease glare, and increment clearness and perceivability. Mirrored tints are also known for their cool, sleek look and frequently come in bright choices. Our gradient glasses are very affordable and come with an array of colours to choose from such as brown, green, blue, pink etc.