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ABBE's policy has always been to preserve your eye health. We use safe and healthy materials to make and use each frame in the new 2020 fashionable frames. Trends and health are also assured, making it easy for you to travel.Eye care,I care.

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    3 Results: Select A Filter To Narrow Your Selection
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Calypso $35.49
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Kids-Hurra $24.49
Our men's classic fashion and modernizing it to suit the desires of the market of the day. The new arrivals have the modern touch, they breath life into the trends of eyeglasses and sunglasses, contains a wide variety of styles for both men and women. For men, a selection of nerdy-chic acetate plastic frames are available.  Rectangles and squares make for a majority of the frames; however, a selection of rimless and semi-rimless frames are also included.  Temple ornamentation and stylistic hinges are scattered throughout, and while some frames are bolder, there are a great number of timeless frame styles that suit even the most conservative of consumers. Slender rectangular frames as well as some larger unisex styles are featured. The new arrivals will give you the confidence, spontaneity and a great sense of humor you will ever find, you definitely find something you will love. A choice for someone who needs to maintain style, while not appearing to be controlled by what other fluid trends come and go.