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Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape


For high myopia,we recommend that you do not select large-frame glasses because first the thickness of lens will put pressure on the nose and make you feel uncomfortable.

1 Square Face

Many different kinds of glasses shapes suit square faces. It's hip to be square! If you have a square-shaped face, many great pairs of eyeglasses can flatter your features. When it comes to proportion, square faces are widest along the jaw and forehead. Due to this shape being defined by a strong jawline, glasses that sit high on the nose add length that flatters this face.

    Recommended Frames: 

·         Round or oval.

    Recommended Feature:

·         The frame height is small and the position of the temple is high.

2Round Faces

There are many glasses shapes that suit round faces. Out of all of them, angular frames work especially well! With a proportion that's relatively equal in width and length, round faces should look to sharp-angled frames to add a little extra definition and depth.

   Recommended Frames: 

·         Thick frame & square frame.

    Recommended Feature:

·         The frame height is high and the position of the temple is high.

3 Heart Shaped Faces

There are many glasses that fit heart-shaped faces. Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones.

   Recommended Frames: 

·         Half-rim square frame

   Recommended Feature:

·         The bottom of the frame is narrower, higher in height and higher in the position of the temple.

4 Oval Face

Many different glasses shapes suit oval faces. A face with an oval shape features higher and slightly wider cheekbones that is slightly narrower towards the forehead. This long, rounded face shape allows you to pull off almost any style — especially oversized and wide frames. With an oval face shape, feel free to go bold with a funky color, texture or frame shape. Square, wayfarer, tortoise, and rectangular — the possibilities are endless!

   Recommended Frames: 

·         Almost anything. 

·         Any shape and any color will work for you.

   Recommended Feature:

·         Our only advice is to avoid narrow frames and frames with heavy design elements. Some people may add some unnecessary length to your elliptical face.