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Eyeglasses Chain

We prepare glasses belts in order to preventing glasses from falling down when wearing glasses. Various styles of lanyards are provided. We try to design the glasses belts more practical but fashionable as well.

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    5 Results: Select A Filter To Narrow Your Selection
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Metal Eyeglass Chain  | $5.95
Metal Eyeglass Chain  | $5.95
Metal Eyeglass Chain  | $5.95
Yellow Translucent
Simple Glasses Chain  | $1.95
Brown Black
Glasses Chain  | $1.95

How can glasses chain be used?

Eyeglasses chains used to be used to fix on reading glasses to facilitate people to repeatedly take off and find the embarrassing situation of glasses, now it is mainly used to decorate eyeglass frames, whether you pair them with prescription eyeglasses or non-prescription sunglasses are a retro fashion choice.

How to wear eyeglasses chain?

Generally, place the plastic rings at both ends of the eyeglass chain on the two temples of the frame, then move the metal piece that clamps the plastic rings so that the plastic rings clamp the temples to ensure that they do not slip off. Finally, you can wear it around your neck just like a necklace..

Where can I buy eyeglasses chains?

ABBE Glasses is your source for the perfect eyeglass chains to buy online. We have handpicked many quality eyeglass chains at affordable prices to fit any need. Our prices ensure that you can afford them without sacrificing style or quality!