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Eyeglass Frames Shapes

The frame of the eyeglasses directly determines what kind of glasses you wear and how to find the right one based on your face shape. ABBE Glasses offers a description of all frame types, find out which one works for you!

ABBE Glasses provides square frames that is capable of bringing out evoke an intellectual personality. The square glasses come in a variety of styles and colours for your perfect occasion. They are suitable for people with round face as well as providing a good fit for shape for angular faces as well.

ABBE Glasses provides a wide collection of rectangular frames for all ages, sex and gender. The face shape could be round or oval or even heart shape and our selection of rectangular frames provides a perfect choice for these face shapes. They come in handy with exquisite designs for your perfect match.

The round glasses exude a classic and conscious derivate of a great lifestyle, trend and art. Great American personalities such as Apple’s Steve Job Jobs have been iconic in round glasses. Apart from round faces, the design of this frames suits both square and rectangular faces. The material and colour come in varying forms and its suited for your classic occasion.

Considered as the modest glasses, the oval glasses provide a perfect fit for slender faces and personality. Like the rectangular frame, the oval frame is also a good choice for people who are slim and dignified. For people with either square or rectangular faces, this is a perfect choice for you.

Cat-eye glasses show off talent and amazing style, all in a stylish little package. Cat eye glasses provide a confident and fun atmosphere, and it's the perfect choice for a fashionistable personality to wants a bold and memorable statement.

As the name suggests, the aviator frames where designed for the airline industry especially pilots. However, it has become a common household name for most glass users because it fits almost every face shape and it’s the obvious choice for anyone who wants to make a strong point in their personality for any occasion. They are fashionable and comes in different colours.

This is a retro style from fashionable trends between 1950s and 1960s and has recently regained popularity. In order to mimic the way the eyebrows outline the face, browline glasse is suitable for people with long faces.

Irregular frames can show your personality which is quite interesting. You can add more colours of your choice as well.

Today's horn-rimmed eyeglasses are usually made of acetate with a fine, smooth, and heavy texture. However, its horn-like style stands out and has been passed down to us, perfectly contouring our faces.