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Eyeglasses for Face Shape

If you want to know your face shape, ABBE glasses online shop can help you find your face shape quickly and precisely. It is important for you to wear the right kind of frame, it will make you look much more attractive. It can brighten your eyes, give your face extreme modern style and let you find confidence in any circumstances.

Oval face shape is characterized by a moderate length and width of the face and a slightly pointed chin. It gives people a very temperamental feeling and is also recognized as a beautiful face.

Recommended Frames: Almost anything.

The round face is short from the front, the cheeks are round, the cheekbones are not obvious, and the mandible is round, which looks like a round shape from the entire outline, which makes people feel lively and cute.

Recommended Frames: Rectangle and Browline Frames.

The long atrium of the heart-shaped face is relatively wide, the atrium is normal, and the lower atrium is sharp and thin. This face shape is very popular in modern aesthetics, an absolute beautiful face shape.

Recommended Frames: Square and Aviator Frame.

The cheekbones of the diamond face are prominent, the mandible is thin, and there is no excess fat on the face, which is more three-dimensional. People with diamond-shaped faces make people feel clever and smart.

Recommended Frames: Oval and Browline Frame.

The length of the square face is relatively short, the mandible has obvious edges and corners, and the line feels strong. The square face will feel more serious.

Recommended Frames: Round or Oval Frames.

The forehead of the triangle face is narrow, the temples are sunken, the cheekbones are slightly protruding, and the mandible is relatively wide, making it look stable and dignified.

Recommended Frames: Browline or Rectangle Frames.