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Our Eyeglass Frames

We at ABBE Glasses want to make sure that you have the right kind of eyeglass frames to choose from. Our comprehensive manufacturing and assembling processes and designs is why we are confidence of our products. We diligently combine efficiency with functional technology to give you the best choice of spectacle frames.

A lot of effort goes into every new pair of glasses from the form of frame to the color of the lenses. We are ahead of every trend and up to date with new models and technology. We look at the past, dictate the presence and anticipate the future to provide the most convenient and the best technology.

We complete the design phase and start creating models once we have some designs we like. Such experiments helped us to make the frame both comfortable and fashionable with our original designs. Every detailed step is well scrutinized till the manufacturing is complete and the cycle continues. We complete all about our frame design during the production phase, from shape, colour, screws and nose pads.We start to produce new glass frames once everything is set, giving you another exclusive and stylish option from our collection.