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Eyeglass Frames Styles

Come to ABBE for trendy glasses!

Frameless, diamond cut edge design.Made by hand, it gives people a noble and elegant feeling.Lens shape can be made according to their own preferences, free and unrestrained, loved by everyone.

Many people find it a hassle to wear glasses because some of the frames are heavy and the weight of the lenses adds to the weight of the whole pair, which can put pressure on the bridge of the nose.At this point, ultra-light frames can be used to solve problems for people. Such frames are so light that they are often invisible when worn on the face.

Spring hinges are very flexible and practical.A small spring inside the hinge allows the mirror leg to move more than 90 degrees, protecting your eyes from breaking and bending.Durable.

Buying one pair of glasses is equivalent to buying several pairs of glasses.It's a basic prescription lens when you take out all the clips, you put on the sunglasses clip is prescription sunglasses, you put on the night vision clip is night vision goggles.It is very convenient in daily life.

Cat-eye glasses show off talent and amazing style, all in a stylish little package. Cat eye glasses provide a confident and fun atmosphere, and it's the perfect choice for a fashionistable personality to wants a bold and memorable statement.