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Affiliate Program

abbe affiliate program

About ABBE Glasses

ABBE Glasses is an online eyeglasses store providing professional prescription glasses and sunglasses at high-quality and affordable prices. We have been in the eyewear industry for more than ten years and have served over 10 million customers worldwide. We hope everyone has perfect eyesight and can get accurate prescription glasses at cheap prices.Learn more about us.

Our Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Our eyeglasses and sunglass frames start at just $1, and all of our frames can be customized with a large selection of high-quality prescription lenses. The average total purchase is around $50. We are entirely confident in the quality of our glasses, so we offer a 14-day free return and 90-day warranty on every pair of glasses we sell.

How does this program work

You can earn commissions by recommending our cheap glasses to your friends and the people around you through this affiliate program.You can generally earn commissions effortlessly and flexibly, up to 15% of the total amount of each sale you initiate.

  • Default Commission Rate: 10%.
  • Additional $50 bonus for MGS over $500.
  • Commission Rate to 15% for MGS over $1000.
  • Time to time Individual Specific Commissions.