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Eyeglass Frames Types

Eye Glasses frame types are available in Full-Rimmed Frame, Semi-Rimless Frame and Rimless Frame. Every frame form provides a different look and feel with unique characteristics. Do you want to the experience of simplicity wearing a rimless glasses or portray the bold look of full-rim glasses, then ABBE Glasses provides a wide selection of eyeglass frames

Full-Rim Frames

This frame completely covers your lense and provides a bold outlook. The full-rimmed frames are the best choices for you in providing a strong and stylish appearance. Our full-rimmed glasses come in a variety of types, colors and sizes, from acetate to plastic to metal and titanium.

Rimless Frames

For those who like a minimalist look, rimless glass frames are the best choice. They are light in weight, sleek and fashionable and they do not take up your face. The Temple arms, nose bridges and hinges are the only elements of such frames that hold the face low-key without the need for expensive design features like the full-rim.

Semi Rim Frames

This is actually provides the best in both of the two other frames. They are lighter in weight than the full-rim and but provides a bold outlook than the rimless. They are the hybrid of the two and provides both the minimalist and durable styles. Semi rimless glasses are a classic style completes the total personality of the wearer.