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For eyeglass people, eyeglasses can be the most frequently used item. Especially those with strong prescription glasses need to wear them daily except for sleeping. Otherwise, "30 meters away from the male and female, 50 meters away from human and animal can not be distinguished."

However, the sadness of eyeglasses people can be more than just the inability to see. Whether it is summer or winter, people who wear glasses will encounter an excruciating thing - their glasses are constantly slipping. As glasses slide, there will be a variety of actions of push glasses.

actions of push glasses
actions of push glasses

But it's not a good idea to keep going like this. Is there any way to keep the glasses from slipping?

Why do glasses slip?

If you want to stop your glasses from slipping, you must first know why they are slipping.

A. Skin is always oily and sweaty

If you are oily skin, the skin can not control the oil, especially the bridge of the nose area, it is equivalent to adding lubricant to the glasses nosepiece, and then the non-slip nosepiece can not stand. The same is true for easy sweating, which reduces the friction between the nosepiece and the skin and thus causes slippage.

Skin is always oily and sweaty

B. Uneven weight of eyeglasses front and back

The right frame should be balanced in weight. Many people are pursuing lightweight glasses, choosing titanium and other material frames. If the choice of lenses is not suitable, the prescription is too strong, or the lens index needs to be higher will make the lens too heavy. The combination of the two is the whole pair of glasses head heavy and easy to slide.

Uneven weight of eyeglasses

C. Incorrect usage habits

Glasses also slide with the incorrect use of habits, such as one-handed pick wearing glasses, wearing glasses side lying used, etc., will cause glasses to be unilateral or bilateral deformation, resulting in hinge screws loose, frame stability becomes poor, the result is also will cause the frame to wear unstable, to slide.

Small accessories with great usage!

If your glasses constantly slip and you love the current style, these small accessories can help you solve the problem.

# Anti-slip leg cover with ear hook

Suppose the eyeglass legs are too thin and easy to slip. Consider using the eyeglass legs anti-slip cover to increase the contact area between the eyeglass legs and the ear area while increasing the friction or play a role in blocking the eyeglass legs from sliding back and forth.

anti-slip cover

# Glasses anti-slip rope

In the case of not considering the aesthetics, you can also choose adjustable elastic glasses anti-slip cord, generally sports enthusiasts and children with more.

anti-slip rope

These accessories are inexpensive and very practical and can quickly solve the problem of our daily glasses slipping. But if our glasses have a significant degree of looseness or deformation, we need to go to a professional institution to let the professionals repair them. A spare pair of glasses is essential at this time, and buying high-quality cheap glasses online is the best option.