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As the eyeglass style that never goes out of fashion, acetate glasses are loved by more young people because of their strong ability to follow trends. Many celebrities like to use acetate glasses to highlight trends and fashion. You can still see acetate glasses everywhere in today's fast fashion iterations, whether it's acetate prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. Today we'll explore the reasons why acetate glasses frames can stay popular.

acetate glasses

What are acetate glasses?

Acetate eyeglass frames are also known as carbon crystal frames, using cold processing manufacturing, fine, good quality, and durable; most acetate eyeglass frame brands use this material. Acetate glasses show a variety of styles and are colorful, and are a favorite of middle and high-end fashion brands. Their main features are high strength, sturdiness, memory, and not be easily deformed. The way to distinguish acetate eyeglass frames from injection plastic glasses is that the cut marks are visible in the cross-section of the eyeglass arms. The acetate sheet used for eyeglass frame production is the best in the world, with Italian origin, followed by Japan. Acetate eyeglass frames are the type of frame that never goes out of fashion because of their strong ability to follow the trend and the more fashionable young people love.

What is the material of acetate?

Acetate glasses frame cut and processed with acetate fiberboard. The characteristics of acetate board are that it is not easy to burn, relatively light, almost impervious to ultraviolet light and discoloration, hard and glossy, durable, not easy to heat process, more beautiful style, and not easy to deform after wearing.

Acetate glasses are made of high-tech plastic memory plates. Plastic is a synthetic polymer compound (polymer), also known as polymer or macromolecules (macromolecules), commonly known as plastic (plastics) or resin (resin), that can freely change the shape of the style. The main component of plastic is resin. Plastics are synthetic resins similar in shape to natural resins, but they are called plastics because they are chemically synthesized. According to the different physical and chemical properties of various plastics, two major categories can be distinguished: thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics (resins). In thermosetting plastics, the plastics (resins) used to manufacture eyeglass frames are mainly acetate, epoxy resin, and celluloid.

Nowadays, most acetate frames are made of high-tech plastic memory boards, most acetate board components are acetate, and a few high-grade frames are propionic acid fiber. And the acetate sheet type is divided into injection molding type and pressed, and polished type; injection molding type, as the name implies, is poured with the mold, but at present most of the acetate glasses are pressed and polished processing.

Features of acetate glasses

The characteristics of acetate frames are the following: not easy to burn; good strength and durability; good gloss, beautiful style, not easy to deform after wearing; baking processing temperature should not exceed 130 degrees; the temperature is too high will blister; skin-friendly, less prone to allergies.

Advantages and disadvantages

Acetate frames are light in weight, hard and glossy, and their combination with steel skin enhances the solidity. They are most beautiful, not easy to deform and discoloration, and durable. These glasses frames have a certain degree of elasticity; when slightly bent or tightened and then relaxed, the shape memory plate will return to its original shape. Acetate glasses are also not easy to burn and almost not subject to ultraviolet radiation and discoloration. Its hardness is better gloss and not easy to heat process; the style is more beautiful and not easy to deform after a long time of wearing. Acetate glasses are more suitable for people with a high number of people because the frame is larger and thicker, can withstand a strong prescription of lenses, and can cover the thicker edge of the lens.

At the same time, the acetate frames are easy to match with your outfit. With the combination of heavy plates and metallic texture, the feet of the glasses and the footwear are perfectly integrated as if they were a natural fit. Their lens shapes are highly individual. The frame's shape is modern and classic, with a streamlined and colorful patchwork frame that is seamlessly integrated.

acetate glasses match outfits

So what are the disadvantages of acetate eyeglass frames? The disadvantages of acetate eyeglass frames could be more apparent. Still, compared to metal and titanium frames, they are easily deformed if taken off and worn with one hand for a long time.