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I admire those who love fishing and can still see their old monk-like figures on the river bank in such hot weather.

They fish for three or four hours at a time without stopping. They keep their hands on the rod and eyes on the floats, except when having a fish on the hook or go to the bathroom. In windy weather, the floats kept moving, and it was very tiring for the eyes to see!


Fishing is an excellent outdoor activity, but the eyes say: we are more or less hurt!

UV rays damage the eyes

During daytime fishing, we usually choose a location where the sun does not shine on the face. Still, in addition to this, we should also pay special attention to the water surface water is not subject to reflected light to stimulate the eyes. Strong reflections of the water surface also belong to a kind of glare, easy to cause visual fatigue, sore eyes, tears, vision loss, and other consequences.

In addition to bringing umbrellas and fishing caps to prevent direct sunlight, it is advisable to wear suitable sunglasses when the light is intense and there are reflections of the water. It is best to give up. Choose shade if there is a shade that is good for your eyes.

Prolonged eye use requires rest

Fishing requires a high degree of concentration. It always pays attention to the float dynamics coupled with the river. And the lake is usually windy, our eyes always keep a high-intensity work, long time without rest, eyes will be dry, and even tears in the wind and other situations.

After observing floating movement for a long time, our eyes appear dry, tearing in the wind, and blurred vision. At this time, you should close your eyes and rest, and you can also apply hot compresses or moisten your eyes with artificial tears. If it still can not improve, you should go to the hospital in time to avoid irreversible damage.

Be wary of fish hooks injuring your eyes

This is something that people who have not fished may not quite understand, but those who have fished have personally experienced or seen the incident of fish hook injuries. When a fish is hooked, an inadvertent force too hard, pull back the fish off the hook, the hooks will bounce directly on the angler's body, but also easy to hit the eye! Fishing at night, especially to pay attention to safety. The lack of light at night affects judgment. Pay attention to the trajectory of the hook when shaking the rod and reeling in the line to avoid hurting yourself or others.

Fish hooks have barbs at the tip; once hooked in the eyes or other parts of the body, do not pull out by force to avoid more severe injury, infection, or even blindness should promptly go to the hospital, the doctor for professional examination and treatment.

Attention to hand hygiene

It would help if you did not rub your eyes when your hands are not clean from catching fish or bait. If you accidentally rub your eyes with dirty hands, it is easy to bring bacteria to your eyes, causing conjunctivitis or other eye inflammation problems.

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