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We are surrounded by all kinds of people: friends, relatives, classmates and teachers, family members, and strangers. Many of them wear glasses, but have you ever seriously seen who has the best glasses frames among them? Or who looks best in glasses? Each color of the eyeglass frame has its style, and the various colors represent different meanings.

Everyone has their style and preferences, such different people like different colors. In the prevalence of glasses today, almost every nearsighted or aging people wear glasses, but often people do not know what color glasses frames look good. Today to introduce you to what colors are available in glasses frames.

The dominant colors of eyeglass frames are red, black, yellow, white, purple, green, gray, blue, and clear glasses frame. When choosing colored eyeglass frames, you must choose according to your skin tone, hair color, temperament, and preference, so that you can maximize your advantages, be confident and stand out in the crowd, or show elegant and mature or fashionable and beautiful.

Each color has its personality and character

  • RED represents enthusiasm, joy, liveliness, warmth, and happiness. It can be judged according to the customer's grooming to give and choose.
  • BLACK represents seriousness, darkness, steadiness, sublimity, solidity, and severity.
  • YELLOW represents noble, wealthy, bright, pleasant, noble, and hope. It is full of wisdom and vitality, making people look young and energetic.
  • WHITE represents purity, simplicity, leisure, innocence and purity. White symbolizes truth gives people a bright and fresh feeling.
  • BLUE represents wisdom, sky, refreshing, far-reaching, eternal, calm, and honest. It can give people the feeling of stillness, calmness, stability, melancholy, etc. It also gives people an open-minded, quiet and generous sentiment.
  • PURPLE represents mystery, romance, love, elegance, nobility, and charm.
  • GREEN represents life, vitality, freshness, calmness, softness, contentment, youth, and hope.
  • GRAY represents modesty, deep, melancholy, ordinary, silent, moderate, and lonely.

In general, the suitability of the color is very much related to your dress, dress code, skin tone, and hairstyle. If it looks good on others, it may not look good on you, which are also personal preferences. Just choose the right one for you.

Most people like to select eyeglass frames that match their skin tone so that they can show their personality traits. We have already understood the aesthetic point of view on choosing the style and color of eyeglass frames, but a few points should be made: firstly, these are just fundamental theories; fashion is constantly changing, and personal tastes vary, so the wearer's wishes are the main thing. Secondly, it is necessary to consider other reference conditions for selecting eyeglass frames: functionality and feel, which may contradict fashion criteria. Also, and most importantly, fashion principles only help us to choose, not absolutely.