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For people with glasses, spending time cleaning them every day is a task that can't be escaped, but do you know what cleaning method will do the least harm to your glasses?

How do you clean your glasses?

Glasses are a long time to wear items, and they may be dirty at any time. Most of the time, you don't have any items to clean them, so you will probably pull up the corner of your clothes and wipe them off. As the saying goes, "There is no such thing as glasses that clothes can't clean, and if there is, wipe them again after blowing a breath.

This is convenient, but it isn't good for eyeglasses lenses. Nowadays, most optical lenses are made of resin, which has relatively low abrasion resistance. Also, many lenses will have anti-blue light, anti-UV, and anti-oil coating; when there is a lot of dust and particles on the lenses, dry wipe with clothes, mirror cloth, or paper towels, which can easily cause wear and tear on the lenses and film layer.

wiping eyeglasses

In addition, wiping glasses before breathing, although you can wet the lens, will bring the bacteria in the mouth to the lens. Some people are used to rubbing their eyes after contact with glasses; this situation is likely to lead to eye contact inflammation.

How to clean glasses properly?

The correct way to clean glasses should be to rinse them off with water first, or you can use detergent such as dishwashing liquid to help clean them and then dry them with paper towels.

In contrast to the large lens part, the gap between the frame and the lens, the nosepiece, and the necessary corners are not so easy to clean, and this is often the hardest hit area for glasses to hide dirt. It is impossible to remove the glasses and then clean them. So, do we have any method to clean your glasses deeply in one go?

The miraculous ultrasonic cavitation phenomenon

Experienced people must have thought that you can also use ultrasound to clean your glasses.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine principle is not the use of high-frequency vibration that will be crushed out of the dirt but the role of ultrasonic cavitation. Simply put, the ultrasonic effect on the liquid will produce many tiny bubbles. When the ultrasonic energy is high enough, the bubble will collapse sharply closed while releasing tremendous energy. These energies can attach to the surface of the object dirt by the piercing damage so that dirt off. The cavitation bubble is so tiny that can enter the usual un-cleaning crevices and clean the dirt.

We often see a lot of smoke-like dirt in the water when cleaning glasses in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, which is shocking. This is because the glasses and human face close contact, stained with a lot of greasy dirt, and this dirt in the ultrasonic cavitation effect of rapid dispersion, emulsification, just like the smoke in the water.

cleaning eyeglasses