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The most comprehensive selection tips for prescription glasses

Part1. Can't delay in wearing prescription glasses

People often say they can't take off their prescription glasses after a lifetime of wearing them—so many people who need them after becoming nearsighted or presbyopic delay them as long as possible.

This is not true. Long-term vision without correction will only lead to higher and higher eye prescriptions. We should take interventions immediately after we are diagnosed with myopia or presbyopia. Otherwise, it is not difficult at all to go up 100~200 degrees of your prescription in a year. If myopia appears before the child is seven years old, it should be corrected more actively; otherwise, the child is highly susceptible to developing high myopia.

Myopia or presbyopia must wear prescription glasses! Don't worry about the rest, it's all rumors.

Part2. Choosing frames or contact lenses

From the perspective of refractive error, frame eyeglasses are suitable for prescription differences of 250 degrees or less in both eyes. Contact lenses are appropriate when the difference in prescription between the two eyes is 250 degrees and more than 250 degrees.

The two comparisons have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, a few recommendations were summarized as follows.

  • General life needs, frame glasses can meet all.
  • Super height, the big difference between the two eyes (refractive index) or astigmatism. For these types of people, contact lenses' visual effect is better.
  • Beauty requirements can choose contact lenses, but daily wear can not exceed the essentials. You can prepare a pair of frame glasses for backup.

Part3. Wear frame glasses for a long time; the eyes will be no spirit

Dark circles, protruding eyes, and lack of energy in the eyes are not because of wearing prescription glasses; that is a problem with vision. Wearing prescription glasses will neither aggravate nor alleviate these problems. The outside world seen through the lenses is shrunken objects. Outside through prescription glasses lenses, see your eyes are also deformed eyes. That's why the illusion that wearing prescription glasses will make your eyes look distorted has arisen.

Part4. Choose metal or acetate material for frame

There are good and bad materials for frame eyeglasses, and you can choose according to your needs. Currently, the more mainstream frame material is mainly divided into metal and Acetate.

In addition, the eyeglasses frame should be firm and can play a good role in the prescription lenses, we can also choose different material frames to fit our face shapes, and even you can match our clothing according to the trend or colors of frames, etc.

Part5. Prescription lenses are not the thinner the better

The thickness of a prescription lens is related to the refractive index. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens. However, the higher the refractive index, the greater the chromatic dispersion, which means that the visual effect will be sacrificed. The values of 1.56, 1.61, etc., are the refractive indices of the lenses. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the prescription lens for the same prescription.

More information can be found on our prescription lenses page.

Now, you know how to select the right prescription glasses for youself!