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Nowadays, more and more people like to wear glasses. You can easily find a lot of celebrities will especially choose to wear a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses in order to pose, and some will wear frame glasses in order to be more scholarly; in short, wearing glasses has become a fashion, but some do choose special function glasses to correct vision or protect the eyes because of nearsightedness, presbyopia, etc. So, what are the types of glasses in the end?


Sunglasses, also known as shades and sun-eyeglasses, are eyewear designed to protect the eyes under the sun, and the lenses are often black or dark in color so as to avoid sunlight irritation to the eyes. They can also be used as a special accessory for fashionable hipsters for beauty or to reflect their personal style.

Regular sunglasses must be selected and labeled with UV protection. A short time out entertainment can choose ordinary sunglasses, and long time driving out entertainment, it is best to choose more powerful polarized sunglasses.

Nearsighted Eyeglasses

Nearsighted eyeglasses mainly use concave lenses of appropriate focal length so that light is properly dispersed through the concave lenses and then refracted by the eye to form a clear image on the retina. Nearsighted glasses are useful for the prevention of comorbidities caused by high nearsighted prescriptions.

Nearsighted eyeglasses are determined by the eyeglasses lenses and frames. Lenses are best to choose the most suitable refractive index and different functional film layers according to each person's prescription and the selected frames so that the wearer can adapt to the corrective effect faster; and eyeglasses frames try to choose lightweight and strong materials to reduce the weight of the nasal bridge, more commonly used metal and acetate material glasses frame.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses lenses are convex lenses designed to correct age-related degenerative presbyopia of the lens of the eye. Presbyopic lenses have many optical indicators like myopic lenses and some special rules of use.

Before getting reading glasses, as with nearsighted eyeglasses, you should have an eye exam and not buy them blindly. You should also know the parameters of your farsighted prescription and buy them under the guidance of a professional when buying ready-made reading eyeglasses. If you buy a pair of glasses at random, it will not only cause great damage to your eyes but also easily aggravate the symptoms of visual fatigue and blurred vision.

Decorative glasses

Generally speaking, the lenses of decorative glasses are basically without prescription, its main role is to match your makeup and clothing; it is similar to the role of daily accessories. We put the main function on the glasses frame, and it can be the full black frame to show maturity and stability, it can also be big red to indicate enthusiasm, and there are colored to indicate the cute glasses. Of course, it can also be used as protective eyewear with non-prescription anti-blue light lenses, especially for those who have to face digital screens for a long time every day.

Of course, if you want to classify the glasses styles, you can do so in great detail, as we will explain in future articles.