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Nowadays, there are more and more eyeglasses styles, and there are many different types of materials, giving us more choices. But it is also because there are many types of glasses frames now we do not know how to compare them at one time. In particular, the style of glasses with and without nose pads is also more controversial, and many people feel that the nose pad styles have become obsolete; some think no nose pad style is also good. But in the end, which one is better?

What are nose pads?

Nose pads are two symmetrical brackets connected to the frame rim under the middle beam of the eyeglass frame. Nose pads consist of a nose pad stem, a nose pad box, and a nose pad that is in direct contact with the nose and serves to support and stabilize the frame. Some cast plastic frames can be made without a nose pad stem and nose pad box, and the nose pad is directly connected to the rim.

nose pads

Most metal glasses frames have nose pads

There are still many eyeglass frames that we wear every day that are made of metal, and these materials have nose pads, and they are movable, replaceable nose pads. Wearers can adjust the position of the nose pads, so the comfort of wearing them is higher; even if the nose is different, there is also a very good wearing effect. Because there are many people who have sensitive skin and are allergic to metal, the effect of choosing such nose pads is definitely better. And many of the metal glasses themselves are business models, certainly still have nose pads more formal.

Acetate eyeglass frames without nose pads are more common

Acetate eyeglass frames are also very common, and most of them are comfortable to wear and can prevent skin allergy problems. Because of the relatively large variety of colors available in these frames, many young people are very fond of them. Acetate eyeglass frames without nose pads are more common and are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Because its material is relatively light compared to metal frames and the allergy rate is very low, the absence of nose pads will not have much impact.

Benefits of glasses with nose pads:

Glasses with nose pads reduce the weight on the bridge of the nose and will be more comfortable to wear. In addition, nose cushion glasses can play a non-slip effect, especially for people who do not have a high nose bridge, choose to have nose cushion glasses will be much more comfortable, do not have to worry about the trouble of holding glasses all the time.

Benefits of glasses without nose pads:

Glasses without nose pads are mostly used in acetate because acetate is lighter and non-allergenic, and aesthetically and comfort-wise, they are more suitable without nose pads. The area of contact with the bridge of the nose is relatively small, so the bridge of the nose is not easy to have an obvious indentation, while nose cushion glasses will have obvious indentation after wearing for a long time.

It is better to choose according to actual needs.

There is no single answer to the question of whether it is better to have your glasses with nose pads or not, but we can choose according to comfort and our own preference. Since there are different designs, there is a reason for the different designs.

In fact, there is no discomfort or benefit between having nose pads and not having nose pads, and they are both similar; it depends on personal preference and wearing comfort. Generally speaking, a high nose bridge is suitable for choosing frames without nose pads, and a flat nose bridge is more suitable for choosing frames with nose pads so as not to affect the visual effect by slipping off the glasses. You can completely consider your own preferences to start shopping, so it will also be easier for some. As long as you can ensure the comfort of wearing, with or without nose pads will not be too much of a problem.