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Nowadays, both fashionistas and business elites are very fond of wearing half rim glasses. After all, unlike rimless glasses frames, half-rim glasses are not as picky about face shape, nor are they as popular as full-rim glasses, so many people have a tendency to be excited about half rim glasses. However, if you want to transfer from full-rim glasses to half-rim glasses successfully, you have to understand the following content to get a better pair of preferred half-rim glasses.

Full Rim or Half Rim?

Full-rim glasses are a common type of eyeglass frame nowadays, and their main feature is firm Easy to shape a strong hardness. Full-rim eyeglass frames are mostly made of acetate and metal, and the style is sporty and fashionable, which is sought after by young people nowadays. Full-frame eyeglasses have a variety of styles and colors and can cover part of the thickness of the prescription lenses, which is excellent aesthetics.

Half-rim glasses between the full-rim glasses and rimless glasses, light and stable in one, highlight the sense of fashion, business elite wisdom, and natural and spontaneous affinity. It is suitable for a wide range of occasions, business occasions, leisure occasions, and parties that can be worn, fashionable, and calm, reflecting the classy taste of life.

Advantages of half-rim glasses

Compared to full-rim glasses, half-rim glasses have a more open field of view because the lower part is without a frame, so our eyes become open when we look down at things. Half-rim glasses use less material and can reduce the frame's weight, making the glasses more lightweight. Half-rim glasses are only half of the frame, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Half-rim glasses have always given people a formal feeling, but they can also have a vintage style. Most of the half-rim glasses we see are made of pure titanium, and then the frame is narrower; in fact, the metal half-rim glasses can also be a very good interpretation of the retro feeling, very much in line with the literary fashionistas wear.

Fewer wear half rim glasses

# Half-rim glasses give people the feeling of being top-heavy and bottom-light, not in line with the public aesthetic; most people do not want to wear

Most people's aesthetics are still conservative, and they feel that traditional full-rim glasses are more formal and rigorous, while half-frame glasses look funny, not "serious." Not very good, so many people do not want to wear these glasses.

# Half-rim glasses are less intense than full-rim glasses, and the lenses are easily scratched when worn and stored.

The frame of the half-rim glasses is not as strong as the full-rim glasses. When wearing and taking down the storage, you must be careful not to bump; otherwise, it is easy to hurt the lens or make it fall off. These more troublesome glasses are naturally not loved by people.

# Strong prescription lenses are generally thicker, and half-rim glasses cannot cover the thickness of the lenses or support overly heavy lenses.

As adults and minors have increasingly higher eye prescription lenses, the prescription lenses become thicker and thicker. Half-rim glasses cannot support lenses that are too heavy for people with a strong prescription, so not many people wear half-rim glasses.

Verall, if you don't have the above problems, we suggest you try the half-rim glasses. It can bring you a different wearing experience, a completely different personality display, and outfit matching.