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Create a good visual environment!!

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and children's vision health is becoming more and more important to parents. For example, strictly control the intake of sweets for children, do not allow children to use their eyes for a long time at close range, and take children out for outdoor sports more often. However, in life, the damage to children's eyesight caused by light pollution in the home has become a "black light" and is often ignored by parents.

glass wall

Some studies have shown that light pollution can cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, inhibit the function of retinal photoreceptor cells, causing visual fatigue and vision loss. Most people will be aware of light pollution outside the building's glass curtain wall, but it is easy to ignore some indoor noise pollution. Experts believe that "the visual environment is also one of the main reasons for the formation of myopia."

Come and check. Does your house have these light sources?

White walls

withe walls

According to scientific determination: the general white wall light reflection coefficient of 69%-80%, mirror glass light reflection coefficient of 82-88%. The light reflection coefficient of an exceptionally smooth white wall can even be as high as 90%, about ten times higher than the grass, forest, or hairy surface decorations, and this value greatly exceeds the physiological adaptation range that the human body can withstand, for the eyes this already belongs to the strong light. If you often read and write in this environment, it will burn your eyes and cause vision damage, so children should never learn under a white wall with a strong sunlight reflection.

White and Delicate Paper

Reflective white paper

The light reflection coefficient of smooth white paper is also very high, up to 90%. Especially at night, when the reflection is more robust and can even lead to shaking eyes, we call it glare, so that people can not see objects clearly, only to be able to look hard, which causes eye fatigue.

Sound and Light Toys

sound and light toys

Many parents like to buy light-up toys for children to play with; children are also very fond of them. But these toys are very bad for children's vision development and will aggravate children's visual fatigue and thus affect vision. Especially when the child's eyes are exposed to bright light or flashing lights at night, the child's ciliary muscle will always be in a state of excessive contraction, directly leading to the child's vision loss. So buying flashing toys needs to be careful, especially for infants and young children's vision is in the developmental stage; they should not use flashing toys for a long time, and severe damage to the fundus, cornea, and crystal. In addition, some poor-quality flash toys are more likely to cause irreversible damage to children's eyesight.

Light Emitting Heater


The heater that will glow will emit blinding infrared light when it is working. If you look directly at it for a long time, it can cause damage to the lens of the eye, making the lens cloudy. In mild cases, it can cause damage to the fundus of the eye, and in severe cases, it can cause congestion in the fundus of the eye and even lead to cystic edema in the macula. Sometimes it also leads to excessive nerve oxidation and increases the chance of glaucoma, so try not to let your child look directly at a heater that glows.

To better protect children's eyes and develop good eye habits, but also to create an excellent visual environment, as far as possible, to avoid the damage caused by lousy light sources in life on the eyes.