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When a prescription (sphere) is greater than or equal to (+/-)6.00, it is a high prescription. So high prescription people need to pay great attention to frame selection! In addition to paying attention to whether a frame can accentuate your beauty or be handsome, here is a compilation of these TIPS you need to pay attention to when choosing eyeglass frames.

Frames to avoid for high-prescription lens

Avoid choosing large frames

The larger the frame, the more the lens size will also increase with the same lens size, which results in higher prescription lenses being much heavier than lower prescription lenses. The lens weight is much heavier, which may result in pressure on the bridge of the nose when worn.

In the case of nearsighted prescription lenses, which are concave. The further away from the optical center, the thicker the edge of the lens. And the closer the lens is to the edge, the more likely it is to cause a prismatic effect, which can interfere with vision. The larger the nearsighted lens, the more likely it is to cause this problem.

Try to avoid frames that are too thin

As mentioned above, high prescription lenses have thicker edges. So the edge of the thin frame of the glasses frame can not wrap the lens will look thick and heavy, wear it is not beautiful, and completely suppresses our charm. And it is significantly reduced in the protection of the lenses on thin frames.

Don't choose frames that have too slim temples

High-prescription lenses result in a heavier frame for the eyeglasses. And too-thin temples will lead to unbalanced force in front and back of the glasses, so it is easy to "top-heavy" Oh! Imagine a heavier lens that causes most of the weight to be pressed on the bridge of the nose, and glasses are easy to slide, significantly affecting the wearing comfort.

Right frames for high-prescription lens

Rim styles of frame

Try to choose full-rim glasses first, then half-rim eyeglasses frames, and try not to select rimless frames.

Avoid light entering the lens from a thicker cut and refracting into the eye, which can interfere with visual imaging.

Material Selection

Try to select titanium material first, then acetate.

Pure titanium eyeglass frame is light and comfortable, and its material is the lightest among the metal materials. It is tough, and the frame is not easy to deformation, so it is very suitable with high prescription lenses. The acetate material is solid and durable and can support and wrap the heavy high prescription lenses well.

Frame size Selection

Try to choose a small frame, if you really do not like the small frame or can not wear it up not look good before you choose a relatively large one.