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Nowadays, people like to face cell phones and computer screens for a long time, so more and more people are nearsighted. Many girls wear contact lenses every day, but they are not only dry and uncomfortable but may also cause a certain degree of eye damage. Some people start to worry and begin wearing eyeglasses; they will not hurt the eyes, but wearing eyeglasses and then makeup will not be a lot of face value, and once you wear eyeglasses look dull. Now let's see how to make us look cute and pretty with glasses.

cute glasses

How to makeup when wearing eyeglasses

1. The base makeup should be light

You first need to ensure that you have a natural nude makeup effect and that the base makeup is not too white; we want that flawless and translucent beauty effect. The skin quality of the better girls can use air cushion BB makeup, gently pressed on the face is good. There are acne marks, first on concealer and then on the clear foundation.

2. Eye makeup to light elegant

After wearing eyeglasses, the eyes will look smaller than they are, but we can't draw too thick eye makeup; it will look strange, so we need to use some makeup techniques to make the eyes look bigger. For the eyeliner, we draw the inner eyeliner first and then lengthen it at the end of the eye. For the eyeshadow, choose an everyday light makeup color and an earthy matte eyeshadow that is more appropriate.

We can apply a darker eye shadow at the corner of the eye and on the lower eyelid, which enlarges the eyes. Use a highlighter or white eye shadow to light up the head of the eye, using a sleeper pen so that the sleeper stands out and looks more affectionate.

3. Eyebrows natural

Now the "wild eyebrows" are suitable for our glasses makeup and look very natural. When repairing the eyebrows can be appropriate to retain the small hairs, as long as the overall shape of the eyebrows can be repaired; the use of eyebrow powder coloring than eyebrow pencil to natural, while our eyebrows do not draw too thick, to fit the size of our eyes.

4. Nose shadow is the most important

Because of wearing glasses, our noses may look collapsed, especially for some collapsed nose girls; we need to play the nose shadow so that the nose looks more three-dimensional. The head of the eyebrows can be used to trim pencil or eyebrow powder, lightly brush a layer, and then use your fingers to gently push down the bridge of the nose a little, along the bridge of the nose, to draw highlights.

5. Light lipstick color

The choice of lipstick is also light and the safe color best, such as beans, coral, and earthy orange; makeup will feel natural and fresh when applied is also shallow; you can point to apply on the mouth and then use your fingers to push away.

Glasses and face shape

1. Round face to choose angular glasses

Many people like to try trendy round glasses, going retro style, but they are not suitable for round-face people. The reason is that people with round faces, and round frame glasses, are three "circles"; the visual sense of being more round is that the face looks too full but will show fat.

On the contrary, angular glasses can make the round face smaller, which visually can play a role in adjusting because angular glasses can strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the face, make a face more structured, and naturally enhance the degree of sophistication.Rectangule glasses are specially mentioned here, which is what most round faces should try and are more common. It can break the curvature of the face and make the chin of a round face look less pointy, and the features can be more refined.

2. Square face choose the top wide, bottom narrow glasses

The square face is the opposite of the round face, the square face is more angular, and the jawline is pronounced. Many square faces are also called "national faces," so the face will look too three-dimensional; according to the principle of balance, one can not wear angular glasses.

Should the square face wear round glasses? This is not absolute; square face to pay attention to the widest part of the glasses, it must be beyond the widest part of the face, this point of attention up; some box glasses can also be managed.

The lower frame is rounded glasses; naturally, more appropriate can play a role in easing the lines. The next time you are in the market, you'll be able to get the best out of your home.

3. Heart-shaped face wearing oval glasses

Wide cheekbones and a sharp chin characterize the heart-shaped face; this face is more suitable for simple glasses and not too messy decoration. The best glasses are the width of the upper and lower frame is about the same. In addition, a small glasses frame is not suitable; this will put the cheekbones up but give people a strange feeling.

4. Egg face do not choose oversized frame glasses

The egg face is a perfect face shape; this face shape is also called an oval face, this kind of face shape people wear glasses is relatively easy, and many glasses frame can be managed.

Of course, the goose egg face has high cheekbones and a rounded chin but still can not wear a frame of big glasses, pay attention to the face and the proportion of the frame harmony, too big glasses will cover the whole face, but will reduce the sense of beauty.