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When buying glasses, especially prescription eyeglasses, many people find that the prices of eyeglasses in online stores are cheap and the quality is similar to that of offline stores, but they need to know what the reason is. This article talks about cheap glasses online combines the current state of the eyewear industry and eyeglasses prices.

cheap price

First, the procurement channels are different.

No matter what kind of eyeglasses are, there are multiple purchasing channels. Compared to optical stores, online stores have a significant advantage, they can break geographical restrictions, and this will eliminate the intermediate procurement links. Many online stores no longer contact regional agents as before but directly from the hands of manufacturers to order, which will undoubtedly save a lot of costs, and the selling prices will naturally be reduced.

Second, the marketing costs are different.

In recent years, the operating costs of online sales have exceeded the trend of optical stores, but that is only compared to brand-name optical stores. Some business scale is small and already have a particular market share of the store; the marketing costs of online stores than the optical stores much lower. And to further retain old customers and attract new customers, the products must be re-priced to attract consumers with the most advantageous prices. The prices will naturally be much cheaper than the offline optical stores.

Third, the input cost is different.

Standard marketing expenditure costs are necessary, but if you compare the online store with the offline store, the most considerable expense of the offline store is the rent, often accounting for 20% of profits and more, assuming that a pair of glasses in the offline store price of 100 U.S. dollars, then in the online store can be priced at 80 U.S. dollars, although the price is different, the gross profit of both is the same, and this is the online store selling glasses cheaper than the offline store. This is one of the apparent reasons online stores are cheaper than offline brick-and-mortar stores and still need to count staff costs and utilities.

Fourth, the brand premium is different.

In addition to high-end eyewear technology, we use glasses technology content that is not high. Many manufacturers have mastered the manufacturing technology, but there is also a brand of glasses; some of the more well-known brand glasses are one of the biggest reasons the "brand premium high," the same cost with the same quality of eyeglasses, famous brands to a premium of more than 50%, some The same cost with the same quality of glasses, well-known brands to a premium of more than 50%, some big brands will even premium more than 100%, and offline stores are generally famous brands of optical stores, compared to online stores, the difference in price between different brands of glasses is naturally significant.

To sum up, the price of a pair of glasses equals the sum of material cost, input cost, marketing cost, brand premium, and profit in the whole supply chain, which can compress the cost in a certain link whose price has the advantage. The advantage is obvious in online stores compared to offline stores, especially in terms of price, the same quality, and the same precision glasses comparison. Online stores sell glasses generally cheaper than the physical store.

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