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When the weather is hot, it is also a time to fight UV rays. In addition to UV-blocking clothing, the main thing is sunglasses; the most special ones are polarized sunglasses. So, what is "polarize"? What are the specific functions?

What are polarized sunglasses?

Sunglasses can be divided into polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses according to their functions. Polarized sunglasses: the lenses can effectively block the sunlight and ultraviolet rays; on top of that, a polarized film layer can block the light in a particular direction, thus achieving an anti-glare effect. Ordinary sunglasses: they are mainly dyed lenses, which block sunlight and UV rays by reducing the light transmission, and cannot prevent glare.

Principle of polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses are manufactured according to the principle of the polarization of light. In addition to UV protection and light intensity reduction, they can filter out glare so that the lights in a specific direction enter the eye through the light transmission axis to form a visual image. As a result, it can effectively suppress outdoor clutter and light source interference; direct sunlight is not harsh and clearer vision.


Example: Polarized functional lenses are like blinds for both eyes. Only particular comfortable light is allowed to enter, suppressing interference from cluttered light sources.

What is the difference in appearance between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses?

There is no apparent difference in appearance between the two. But wearing them makes a big difference. Feel the new visual world with your heart!

Here, teach you a little trick to tell if the sunglasses you have are polarized sunglasses. First, place the sunglasses lenses in front of an electronic screen (PC screen or cell phone) and turn the lenses. At this point, if you can see an apparent change in light and dark, your sunglasses are polarized and vice versa.

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