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What are prescription sunglasses?

In short, prescription sunglasses are designed for people with myopia or presbyopia and can be fitted with prescription sunglasses lenses. Many people know sunglasses, that is, without prescription. However, more people do not know that myopia can also be equipped with prescription sunglasses.

prescription sunglasses

Colors of Prescription Sunglasses

Regular and Polarized Colors

These are the more common lens colors for myopic sunglasses. Studies have shown that dark green lenses are the most comfortable color to look through. And usually, people choose gray lenses more often because they are more popular. And brown lenses generally look better with gold sunglasses frames.

In addition to regular color lenses, sunglass lenses are generally required to have a polarizing effect for filtering glare and glare. Of course, prescription sunglasses can also be used with prescription polarized lenses.

polarized lenses

Night Driving Lenses

As the name implies, these glasses are mainly used at night, generally for driving, to increase the brightness of the night lights and reduce glare. There are also night vision goggles for outdoor fishing.



Mirrored Lenses Sunglasses

Mirrored lenses, mainly designed for fashionable people, have a wide range of colors and cool styles, which are loved by many trend-seekers. There are more colors of mirrored lenses, so here are a few more common ones to show.

mirror lenses

You can find some knowledge about prescription sunglasses below

1. The common refractive index of polarized prescription sunglasses is 1.49 1.61 1.67.

2. Sunglasses frames are generally large, and lenses are usually processed out to be thicker than regular lenses. In the case of budget enough, choose lenses with a high refractive index as much as possible.

3. If the prescription is above 800, it is generally not recommended to use sunglasses frames with lenses because they are too thick. Instead, you can consider using eyeglass frames with polarized lenses so that after processing, the lenses are not too thick, and the aesthetics will be much better.

More about lenses can be found on the prescription lenses page