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What is the most popular material for glasses now? Yes, it is acetate glasses. Acetate eyeglasses are one of the most popular eyeglasses at the moment. Acetate has proven to be the ideal material for acetate eyeglass frames because of its richness in color and the stability and versatility of its processing. Acetate Eyeglasses and Acetate Sunglasses Frames are made from acetate and have various colors, styles, and structures. And are especially popular with consumers for frames made from a combination of different materials, such as metal.

How are Acetate glasses frames made?

Each process is indispensable, from the design of the glasses, the drawing, the selection of materials, cutting and polishing, etc.

Before starting production, a designer needs to design the frame's shape. A master must make a template by hand and make final corrections and adjustments before entering the mechanized process.


1. Cutting material: according to the drawing and template, cut the raw material of the plate into blocks of the required length and shape.

2. Fine carving inside and outside circle: according to the size and model required by the engineering drawing, use CNC to carve out the inside and an outside circle so that the basic shape of the front frame of the glasses will come out.

3. spell material: spell material is the connection or nose bridge bracket that leaves a spell to the frame that has been turned inside and outside the circle.

4. Hand polish. Hand polish the frame with files, blades, and thumbtacks to make it free of knife marks, smooth and unmarked.

5. Bend the frame, heat the frame, and bend the frame to the right bend according to the engineering drawing. Put the bent frame into ice water and let it cool down quickly to prevent the bend from rebounding and recovering so that the front frame of the former process is basically complete.



1. Wash and shine. Wash the prepared frame in the ultrasonic machine and blow dry it. Soak the frame in acetone solution after blowing dry to smooth out the dead corners and edges, and then blow dry it.

2. Drum polishing: Mix the cleaned and polished frames with wood particles and put them into the drum together. After the rotation of the roller, let them fully rub to make the surface of the frame smooth and shiny.

3. Hand polishing: Hand polish and polish the other parts of the frame carefully.

Assembly and Packaging

Mainly connect the frame and temples through screws, etc., put the lenses into the frame, check and shape the whole frame, wipe, and pack. So far, a pair of plate glasses frame is finished.


Because of the limited content of the article, this is only a general description of the production process of acetate glasses; in fact, to complete a perfect pair of acetate eyeglasses frame, the process is much more than here; according to statistics, at least 100 to 200 operations. We just hope that through this article, we can understand the process of making acetate glasses and know that the glasses frames you like are not easy to come by. Acetate eyeglass frames are more practical than you might think; while also incorporating a variety of eyeglass styles, they have been leading the way in fashion.