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Nowadays, retro glasses have become a fashionable trend; the resurgence of retro glasses is due to the wave of vintage dressing in the fashion world. However, glasses are not as "fickle" as clothing. Today's popular retro glasses are evergreen versions of the old classic glasses, improved again based on retaining vintage elements.

retro glasses

For a long time, retro glasses have been the perfect prop for movie stars, cultural celebrities, and even political legends to show off their extraordinary style. Especially in recent years, the trend of retro glasses has come back. All the major eyewear brands have joined the retro wave. We always feel that retro glasses give people a literary and cultural look, probably influenced by those real "literary" people earlier.

The main reason for wearing round glasses back then was that it was harder to make other shapes of eyeglass frames. At that time, the eyeglasses lenses are only round to control the form accurately. In addition, those who need to wear eyeglasses are basically educated people who read a lot. So probably, the literary style of round glasses came from here.

The origin of retro glasses

The original eyeglasses were born in Italy in the late 13th century. Most early retro glasses were made with magnifying lens technology, so they were mostly presbyopic. It wasn't until 1604, when Johannes Kepler released the theory of "why concave and convex lenses can correct myopia and metopic vision," that retro glasses with nose pads became practical in the real sense.

What is retro? Retro is not nostalgia, much less cultural revival, but innovation and research. In terms of language, it is the revival of culture in ancient times; in terms of meaning, it is the classic review of civilization; but now we have two new understandings: the heritage of history and the innovation of the times. And reflected in the style of glasses is the reinvention of the classics.

Classic retro glasses

The round style is not necessarily the most fashionable of the season, but it is undoubtedly the most retro classic worth having for a long time. People who like them say: wear them for a long time your face will be the same as the glasses. In addition to the classic heritage, they are made by skilled people, the frames are made of precious metals such as titanium, and the main feature is "light."

The famous aviator and traveler styles are calm and classic, and the whole is full of retro fun. For retro lovers, the Traveler series eyeglasses symbolize vintage eyewear. It is the evolution of the world's popular traveler sunglasses. The curve of fashion, more rough shape, has a very characteristic oblique frame; its classic design can bring a burst of college flavor and make the familiar face look more slender.

Through retro, those classics will not be forgotten. Through retro, let the modern technology add to it. Retro glasses bring a different charm to people, and retro glasses will never go out of fashion!