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Different face shapes are suitable for different styles of eyeglass frames. Although the primary function of eyeglasses is to correct vision, we now have to admit that eyeglasses still play a significant role in modifying the shape of the face. Therefore, we must learn to build on our strengths and avoid weaknesses, especially for men and women with square faces. Choosing a pair of glasses that suits your face shape can make you more attractive!

People with square-shaped faces have wider cheeks and shorter faces, making them look rigid. To soften the lines of the face, you need to choose a frame with a slight curve to soften the look of the face and soften the cheeks that are too wide. It would be best if you also chose a frame slightly wider than your face shape, as this will make your face look slightly slimmer.

Assuming you have a long square face, you are suitable to wear rectangle glasses frames. Because a rectangular face looks more extended, we choose frames to try to select glasses that can cover the face; in addition, you can choose glasses with thick frames that can reduce the impression of a long look. Men with square faces should choose frames with high frame heights, such as tall frame heights square frames; women with square faces should select angular square frames, and the frame height can be higher to neutralize the overly long shape.

Choosing a pair of glasses frames that suits your personality and fits the place at that time according to what glasses are suitable for a square face is essential. Of course, if you like the personalized dress, you can also choose some glasses with irregular-shaped lenses according to your liking and go in and out of some personalized party occasions.

The characteristics of a square face are generally characterized by a wider forehead, a more prominent jawline, and a clearer sense of line. The contour lines are more rigid, the width of the face is very close to the length of the face, and the overall face lines are more prominent. This contour is precise and rigid, giving people a sense of stability. So this face shape in the glasses frame can not choose those contours is a solid frame; otherwise, it will only strengthen the facial structure. More accentuate the square face line sense but should choose those slightly curved frames, can play a role in modifying the face shape, make a face look a little softer and more prolonged.

In addition to the shape of the face, there are several small TIPS for selecting glasses.

1. Your Nose

The nose is the only vertical line of the face; emphasizing the line can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face. People with short noses should choose glasses with lens frame joints at the top and vice versa and those with joints at the bottom, which can effectively "shorten" the length of the nose. Glasses with a high lens-frame joint are also suitable for people with large noses and are more effective if the frame does not touch the nose and if the frame itself is thin.

2. Your Eyes

Different positions of the eyes in the lens can give different impressions. Generally speaking, the eyes are positioned upwards, which makes them look lazy and uninspired, and downwards, which makes them look funny. Imagine the glasses divided horizontally in two, with the eyes in the "dividing line" slightly above the best position. The position of the eyes is adjusted by the nose pads and legs of the glasses.

3. Eyebrows

Eyebrows have a significant impact on the image of the face. Therefore, it is ideal for eyebrows to be aligned with the upper end of the eyeglass frame and slightly higher than the frame. The top of the eyebrow is naturally not close to the glasses' frame, but the head of the eyebrow must be in line with the frame. Never choose glasses with edges also upturned; otherwise, you will inevitably have a funny feeling of "upturned" and "upturned," and you must select glasses with flat frames. In short, the eyebrows and glasses frame can not leave a "blank" not related to each other; otherwise, it feels incredibly unnatural. People with thick eyebrows should choose a slim frame or rimless glasses; otherwise, they will weaken the impression of eyebrows. On the contrary, thick-frame glasses are suitable for people with light eyebrows.

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