Virtual Try On Feature

Each person has different facial features and therefore requires different size profile eyeglass frames. In addition, the size of eyeglasses frames varies depending on their shape and size. Therefore, when purchasing eyeglasses online, we encourage you to try them on using our online virtual try-on feature until you find the ideal frame for you.

How to Use Virtual Try On


First of all, of course, find the glasses frame you like and click on the "Try On" button at the bottom of the product picture (mouse over the picture on PC).


In the try on popup window we have preset some model pictures, you can choose to see how the frames look on women, men and children.


Of course you can choose to upload (take) your own photo to see how the eyeglasses frame actually looks on your face.


Marking the position of the left and right eyes in the photo will better allow the system to locate your face position. If you know your actual pupillary distance, then it also shows the actual size better.

Moreover, to determine which frame size is right for you, you need to know that small frames have a lens width of about 50 mm or less, medium frames have a lens width between 51 mm and 54 mm, and large frames have a lens width of more than 55 mm. Your eyes should be in the center of the lens. A frame that is too wide will make your eyes look too close together, while a narrow frame will make your eyes look wide.