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Do your glasses fit you? Do you change your glasses often but don't know which glasses are right for you?

choose right glasses

Glasses as a whole wear a single item; the overall image can also play a role in the eye-catching. The visual focus of the glasses is the average human visual height, as the first printed into the eye of one of several items, the colors, and style of choice of the importance of self-evident; other items in the same visual height also include hats, pendants, etc.

visual focus of the glasses

How should the right glasses for each person be selected? What are the factors to consider for the right glasses for you?

Like every item on the body, the color, season, and eyeglass styles are essential. Style influences the style of the glasses, whether round, square or irregular in shape; the style determines all; color season type influences the color of the glasses, colorless, white, black, or colored; color season type regulates the color harmony with your whole body.

Unlike other accessories, eyeglasses also need to consider the face shape in addition to color, seasonal type, and style. It would help if you thought of a combination of style, color, seasonal type, face shape, and other factors to find the right glasses for you in all probability.

How to choose the right glasses for you?

01. The impact of your style on glasses

When we choose our glasses, we will consider the style of glasses, whether they are square or oval; the first thing to consider when choosing glasses is whether they are straight or curved. Although only the eight styles for women are divided into straight and curved, the five styles for men also distinguish between linear and curved glasses.

our styles

Let's take the eight styles of women as an example and give a general description of their suitable eyewear styles. Each person can combine their style to have a general idea of the glasses they are ideal for.

# Eyeglasses suitable for women's curvy style

Curvy-style of girls is elegant and romantic style. Three styles of suitable glasses also style with their style characteristics. The style suitable for the girl style needs to emphasize cute and delicate. Some small oval glasses are very suitable and need to avoid the sense of maturity and angularity.

An elegant style is characterized by modesty and small femininity. The overall style needs to be light and soft, and its size should be medium, not too petty or too exaggerated, such as some normal style of cat glasses.

The romantic style needs atmospheric, mature, gorgeous curvy, powerful glasses to set off their temperament, a pair of cat glasses that will discharge is the most suitable to set off the romantic style of sexy and mature femininity.

# Eyeglasses for women's linear style

Straight lines in the style of teenagers, fashion, classical, nature and drama, the overall suitable shape of glasses need to be based on a sense of straight lines, need to avoid the shape of the curve. The simple and competent characteristics of the juvenile style dictate that they need clean lines in their choice of glasses, such as miniature versions of rectangular-shaped glasses that are more suitable.

rectangular glasses

The fashion style is versatile and individual, which influences the style of their glasses to needing to be trendy or with technological elements, such as some irregularly shaped glasses.

Classical style in the choice of glasses and the opposite of fashion style, the shape needs to be moderate, the material needs to look top quality, some look like a solid plastic texture, and wooden frames should not be considered. The natural style is casual and dashing and can be worn without missing a trace, such as nude-colored large-frame glasses.

Exaggerated, atmospheric presence of strong large frames, thick black frame glasses, and even small frames are best for theatrical style, in short, excessive, whether extremely large or very small.

# Men's style suitable glasses

For men, fashion style, romantic style, classical style, natural style, and theatrical style glasses are not much different from women, as long as they follow the main characteristics of each style and emphasize the straight and curvy distinction. For example, among men's styles, only the romantic style is also the most suitable for curvy glasses; straight glasses still dominate other types.

mens glasses

02. Color seasonal type on your glasses

Different color season type affects the color of glasses. Using the six inherent color characteristics, dark, light, cold, warm, net, and soft, different people need to choose the right color glasses based on these six characteristics.

Dark-colored people are suitable for color-rich, heavy, and some thick frames, and black frame is very suitable. Light-colored people need to be light frame, colorless, light gray frameless, half-frame, or metal edge right. A gold metal frame is ideal for warm and net-colored people; cold-colored people are suitable for silver, and cold gray, need to avoid the brown system; soft-colored people must avoid the thick black, pure white frame. Those nude, earth tones are more suitable.

color seasonal glasses

We've talked about how to choose glasses for face shapes many times, so we won't go over it again here.

In short, when it comes to choosing the right glasses for you, style and color season type are still the most important, followed by consideration of more detailed influences such as face shape, eye spacing, and head size.