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When it comes to eyeglasses, in addition to eyeglass lenses, eyeglass frames are bound to be mentioned, and the first feature of those frames is inevitably the shape. Suppose you have recently paid attention to glasses. In that case, I believe you have seen a lot of face shapes and eyeglass frame shapes with the information, in addition to the regular rectangular glasses, round or oval glasses frame. We will say today is Geometric glasses, an not mentioned much eyeglasses frame shape.

What are geometric glasses?

Geometric eyeglasses can also be referred to as polygonal frames, which are generally more than quadrilateral frames and may often have irregular edges, some of which can be angular. Regular geometric glasses are made of metal, and some acetate and plastic are now available, but they are generally slim.



The emergence of geometric glasses is not surprising at all. You can see almost any shape on the current market, needless to say, regular ones, glasses with different shapes left and right, exaggerated heart-shaped and triangular ones, and even party glasses frames with no traditional form.

Fit for face shape

Our primary concern regarding prescription eyeglasses, besides the optical correction ability, is whether the frames fit and look good on the face. Especially whether they add beauty to our face or attributes like maturity, temperament, etc.

The particular angle and appearance of geometric glasses will generally have a larger area than rectangular or square frames, which will be more beneficial for face-contouring. It makes the otherwise round face look somewhat linear, no longer stands out too much, and attracts the attention of others. In addition, the angular edges add more layers to make a faceless thin, such as diverse light and dark levels.



Optical properties of geometric glasses

From the point of view of vision correction, we need our prescription glasses to be better and more precise to correct our vision and see what was blurred. From an optical point of view, the round lens shape is undoubtedly the best in this regard. Still, the round is undoubtedly too familiar in appearance sometimes, and polygonal is the closest to round, so it also works well and maximizes the best degree of vision correction.

In short, geometric glasses work better both in terms of appearance and face fit, as well as vision correction. You can try them out if you have the chance!

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