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Often people say they wear eyeglasses, how to choose and match are not fashionable, and they need to know what eyeglass styles to select. People are bothered! How many of you are wearing eyeglass frames every day? Glasses have some limitations on what you can wear, but that doesn't mean there is no way to be fashionable.

Nowadays, glasses are becoming increasingly important in fashion and have become an integral part of style creation. Many magazines can't do without eyeglass frames to embellish the look of each issue.

Magazine styling

Big brand shows do styling, and celebrities attending events will deliberately wear glasses. People who are not nearsighted also often buy a pair of eyeglass frames to make accessories. Then the question arises, why do others wear glasses so fashionably, while many people wear them in the ordinary? This has to do with makeup, hair, and all. The choice of glasses itself is also significant. Choose the right pair of frames that look good, and the overall fashionability is half done.

So how do I choose eyeglass frames?

We should often see how to choose glasses by face shape. In fact, the style of glasses is also fundamental. Different eyeglass styles can be very different in temperament.

Stock up on different styles of glasses. This is a good idea for people who can't live without their frame glasses all year round. It's a good idea to have a few extra pairs so that you can wear different clothes with different glasses to make the outfit more interesting.

stock up glasses

Three main types of eyeglass frames have become popular in recent years, so let's take a look and see which one you fit.

01 Tortoiseshell glasses

Tortoise shell glasses have retro, French style keywords, with the direction of guidance can be curly hair, vintage college style, French style items; pay attention to the point is not to choose a too light tortoiseshell color.

Tortoiseshell glasses are also used in French films. Sophie Marceau's look is a classic, the 1988 French romance "Heartthrob," in which she plays a college student who wants to take a teaching certificate. The big box eyeglass frame Sophie Marceau wears in the movie is a curved, not too hard style, and the type will be slightly relaxed, also will show the face small, quite suitable for the workplace. With French bangs, it will not look dull.

French films

You can choose the more lively and age-appropriate round-frame tortoiseshell glasses if it is daily casual wear. For those who go for a retro college style, you can select smaller round tortoiseshell glasses, more every day. Tortoiseshell glasses are really suitable for all kinds of curly hair. The college style is also the same, adding a little style.

round tortoise eyeglasses

Tortoiseshell comes in different shades of color and slightly different styles. Many large-box models, while the color is darker and reddish, will look more fabulous and modern.

02 Thin metal glasses

Thin metal glasses are gentle, ascetic sexy style. You can choose a large size and square glasses frame that is more fashionable; round will highlight the soft girl tone. The main direction of the match is a handsome gentleman sense, but it also can be a gorgeous literary style. The very thin metal frames are more prevalent in street photography; it is gentle and delicate, there is a gentleman's breath, take the handsome style of women wearing up, especially temperament.

thin metal glasses

People often ask if they can wear earrings with glasses. Thin metal frame glasses are quite suitable because the metal frame is very thin and will not steal the limelight from other jewelry. Even if it is exaggerated earrings, the whole will not be very unpredictable. The gold wire frame is the hottest metal frame, considered a net red model. Very suitable for girls who like to wear gold jewelry. Most gold wire eyeglass frames are brighter and a little reflective for photos self-explanatory "noble" glasses.

Because the presence of the metal frame is low, so choose a little larger will not feel exaggerated. If your prescription degree is not very strong, it is still recommended to buy a large one. The larger, the more easily fashionable. The shape of the popular large box, with an angular gas field more adequate.

While the round frame will increase the cute and sweet "soft girl temperament." Different magazines often use round metal glasses to match the pearl necklace + white sweater to create a kind of temperament good girl image of studying well at school and not getting dirty clothes when you go out to play.

round metal glasses

03 Black Eyeglasses

The black eyeglasses have an age-defying and big woman style and can be chosen with the direction of the sweatshirt, pill head, and single oversize clothes. Black glasses frames are considered evergreen in the eyeglasses world. Remember our school days; who has not a few classmates wearing black glasses? The black frame glasses have a particular effect of modifying the face shape and flaws; many female celebrities like to wear them when havn't make up, they were then fired with many stars in the airport or when the face like to wear a lot of relationships.

black glasses

But the black frame glasses have been quite controversial and, for a long time, have been equated with dull and rustic. This is especially evident in film and television dramas; when wanting to shape the image of the "ugly girl," the bubble head + black glasses seem to have become the standard.

Black frame glasses become old-fashioned if you don't know how to wear them, but they can significantly reduce age or a single styling accessory if you know how to. The two ways in which it is more suitable to create.

A. The clean and fresh girl line

Ordinary people want to wear black frame glasses out of a sense of vitality, and you can go in the direction of age reduction to create. The black-framed glasses are heavy in color and have a strong presence on the face, so it's easy to look serious with some professional formal wear. Try a relaxed, casual item like a sweater, which is refreshing and age-defying.

In addition to the sweater, the soft lines and the black glasses are compatible with the gentle sense. The color can add some dark, black elements to the outfit, and the color of the glasses to do a little echo, such as a black and white match.

B. Create a cool and big woman style

The black frame glasses are pretty impressive; in addition to creating an age-defying and cute style, they also go well with the big woman style. But there are some differences in the frames you choose. The frames of the big woman style are generally more square, more angular, and larger and thicker.

cool woman style

If your features are softer and your aura is not that strong, you can use the retro cool wind route to create. A long black coat and the film filter have a sense of atmosphere. The fluffy, slightly curly hair is also a plus, neutralizing the hardness of the glasses frame.

Finally, summed up - tortoiseshell glasses are the most retro, literary, French, and Japanese styles are very much like it. Gold wire frame glasses have the lowest sense of existence, elegant, mature, and gentle. Black glasses have the strongest sense of reality; they can be both student gas and a very cool woman. On the shape, the atmosphere wears a box, and the delicate wears a round frame. The more angular you are, the more you have an aura, and the more rounded you are, the more lovely and gentle you look. The size is more popular overall, but the glasses will be heavier and not recommended for people with a high prescription.