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There should be more friends with round faces around us, so what eyeglass frames are suitable for round faces?

People with round faces are cuter, so when we choose glasses, we either continue the cute style or reduce the roundness of the face. So people with round faces can choose round frame glasses to have the effect of enlarging their eyes and matching their face shape, which looks very cute.

If you want to make your face look thinner, don't choose round glasses, you can choose square glasses with larger frames or long-shaped glasses. Especially long-shaped glasses can pull the person's eyes to the sides so that the face looks a little longer and thinner.

Round faces have shorter faces, so it's best to pair them with slender frames that are slightly curved to tone down the overall look. On the other hand, Angled square frames are suitable for trimming the lines of the face (highlighting the longitudinal lines). This allows you to enhance the long and avoid the short, making your face appear more pronounced and refreshed.

In addition, round face shapes should not choose glasses that are too dark in color. Because the glasses frame with too dark color will make your face look more distinct, make the round face look rounded and easy to look bigger. Girls with round faces can try rimless glasses.

In principle, women with round faces should avoid using frames with prominent features and should choose slightly flat and slightly curved glasses frames, not too round or linear.

Young girls with round faces or students, you can pick the big round glasses frame, these glasses frame style to wear super small face, and also very sweet! The frame should not be too small or too big when picking out. The focus is not more than the eyebrows and nose range can be.

In recent years trendy angular glasses frame, prominent round face women can choose a wide range, such as angular heart-shaped, square, and round glasses frame, and wear it to adjust their face arc visually. The big round face immediately turns into a heart-shaped thin face effect. Like fashionable can pick the heart-shaped style, office ladyies can pick the curved square or angular round.

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