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The common association with round glasses is that of the courteous scholar and pedant. In the past, many people were afraid to wear round glasses because of this stereotype. Despite this perception, round glasses have persisted over time. John Lennon, the soul of the legendary band The Beatles, was known for his love of metal round glasses. Many leading singers like Liam Gallagher, Boy George, and Elton John also love the style.

There is a famous saying in the fashion world that what is old is new. Therefore, fashion trends are trending towards retro trends, and round eyeglass frames are returning. This stylish frame shape creates a relaxed retro vibe that looks great on the weekends and can look effortlessly cool with everyday nearsighted glasses or sunglasses.

round eyeglasses

With the prevalence of nostalgia in the past few years, round glasses have become a huge and powerful fashion accessory among the masses. Glasses brands worldwide have released round frame designs in response to this craze. Today, true fashion lovers can wear standard round frames comfortably and confidently no matter what material they are made of.

The origin of round glasses can be traced back to the early 20th century. At that time, society began to embrace the trend of eyeglasses. However, due to technical limitations, lenses could only be cut into simple shapes. As a result, eyeglasses were mainly made in round frames. Until the 1930s, gold-encrusted round frames were still the most common style worn by eyeglass wearers.

Historical photos show that many scholars and scientists of that era wore a pair of small round glasses on their faces. This is why the association with round glasses and scholars and academics exists. Different styles of round glasses can bring out a completely different feel and do not necessarily have to be retro. Metal round frames with small rims carry a nostalgic feel and are the perfect match for a collegiate or vintage look. Round glasses, when added in different colors, materials, and forms, can be different, exciting, and stylish, which has nothing to do with the retro side of things.

Different styles of round glasses

Round glasses have a curved, round lens that is usually equal in width and height. If you're looking for some subtle vintage style, choose some shiny metal round glasses. On the other hand, you'll love the acetate material if you're looking for something bold and quirky.





Do round glasses fit my face shape?

Due to their curved nature, round glasses look best on faces with sharp, angular features. The round shape of round frames will help balance out any sharp angles and prominent jaws, making this style ideal for square, melon, and heart-shaped faces.

However, this does not mean that round glasses cannot be worn on faces with softer facial features. If you have a round face and like to make a sharp statement about your fashion choices, you can also be bold with an edgy pair of round glasses. Check frames for your face shape.

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