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When buying eyeglasses, many people will hear the guide or friends introduce: "The frame material of these glasses is TR90." People who need to learn more about the material of glasses frames may need clarification, what is TR90? Will the price of TR90 eyeglass frames be high? What is the difference between acetate glasses and these TR90 glasses?

tr90 glasses

What are TR90 glasses?

TR90, also known as plastic titanium, is a more advanced polymer memory material; the so-called memory, in the case of distortion and deformation, can be restored to its original state; this feature alone is the first choice of eyeglass frame production materials. So what other advantages does TR90 have? Why has TR90 become the material of choice for frame manufacturing?

#1 Light weight

TR90 is half the weight of acetate for the same volume, which means that the same eyeglass frame made of TR-90 is half as light as acetate. It is still 85% of the weight of nylon material. With such a light material, there is no pressure on the bridge of the nose or the upper ear even after long hours of wear, making TR90 glasses easier and more comfortable.

#2 Impact resistance

TR90 eyeglass frame impact resistance is not because the material itself is hard, but because its molecular structure is tighter, and the overall material is softer, all in the impact resistance TR90 frame is much better than acetate and nylon material. This feature effectively reduces the damage caused by the frame to the eyes and face after the impact in sports, so this is also why teenagers need to buy glasses with TR90 material frames.

#3 No contamination of food and materials

Many people don't understand why the material used to make TR90 eyeglass frames is linked to food and safety standards, and even European standards for food-grade materials. In fact, after reading about some cases of skin allergies wearing inferior material frames, you will understand why food-grade safety without pollution is the most significant advantage of TR90 material glasses!

#4 Not easy to deformation

TR90 material short time high-temperature limit of 350 degrees, so a high limit temperature determines the TR90 material glasses frame is not easy to deform, not easy to change color characteristics, and has a long service life.

Recommendations for acetate and TR90 eyeglasses

Acetate glasses and tr90 eyeglass frames have their characteristics and advantages. If you are a fashionista, acetate eyeglass frames are more suitable. Because they interpret fashion easier to match clothing, fusion acetate material thick and metal texture, more reflective of personality and style, but long-term, take off and wear easily deformed. On the contrary, if you are not a fan of appearance and have a large face, then tr90 frames are definitely suitable eyewear for the price. And tr90 frames have been widely used in sunglasses, 3d glasses, polarized glasses, anti-radiation glasses, and many other optical fields, and are an important material choice for many eyeglass frame brands!

Recommendations for titanium and TR90 eyeglasses

Titanium is generally used in producing high-end eyeglass frames. Its corrosion resistance and high hardness are not easy to deform, and the skin is not easily allergic to its texture, but of course, the price is relatively high. tr90 material glasses are cheaper, in corrosion resistance and flexibility are better, but not as good as titanium glasses. However, the price will be lower than pure titanium glasses, so it is a good choice for teenagers.