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Our eyes are essential for acquiring information and are known as the "windows to the soul." The eyes obtain 90% of external data. A large amount of information increases one's insight but increases the overload on the eyes. Therefore, we often feel sore, swollen, dry, blurred vision, and dizzy. Here are some eye care tips to protect our fragile eyes.

01 Keeping a good mood

When the human body has tension, anxiety, depression, and other bad emotions, the pituitary gland's adrenal hormone secretion will be relatively reduced so that both eyes' visual conduction and visual information processing functions are at low levels, which will directly lead to the crystal and eye muscle contraction and diastolic steps are not coordinated. So let's keep in a good mood, which is also the first step of eye care.

keeping a good mood

02 Do not wear contact lenses for long periods

Although contact lenses bring many conveniences, they also have many hidden dangers. For example, they can cause dry eyes. Symptoms include dry, itchy eyes, foreign body sensations, burning eyes, and blurred vision. Contact lenses can also cause nerve endings to be paralyzed when attached to the eye for long periods, leading to decreased corneal intuition and reduced eye resistance.

contact lenses

03 Stay up less

Staying up late is very harmful to the eyes. The eyes themselves are overloaded with work and long hours of eye use, easy to lead to eye dryness, swelling, pain, and increased visual fatigue, resulting in vision loss. Poor rest easily fatigues the body and can easily cause pseudomyopia. Adequate rest can give tired eyes get relief.

stay up less

04 See more green

See more green (plants). Studies have shown that because green is in the middle of the spectrum and has shorter wavelengths, it makes people more comfortable. And the green/green color of trees, flowers, and grasses can absorb the ultraviolet light that is harmful to the eyes and reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of ultraviolet light on the eyes, giving the eyes a comfortable feeling. So in the office, put some green potted plants for viewing, or in the window to look at the distant trees, nervous nerves will suddenly feel relaxed, and eye fatigue will disappear.

see more green

05 Food for eye care

Food for eye care. Eat more foods that are good for your eyesight. You should eat more citrus fruits, bananas, kiwi, corn, carrots, spinach, and kale daily. Products are affluent in lutein, an important antioxidant that filters blue light. In addition, if the eyes are puffy, apply the tea. You can also paste fresh potato chips; the effect is good!

food for eye care

06 Do not lie on your side to look at the phone

Try not to lie on your side to catch the phone or play mobile games. Please try to turn on the light at night when looking at the phone for a long time. When we lie on our side, the pressure on the eyes is the greatest, and in the long run, it is straightforward to cause deviations in vision in the left and right eyes. When looking at the phone at night, try to turn down the phone light or add a small light because the pupil should be narrowed when looking at something close, but in the dark when the human pupil will be dilated, so look at the phone in the dark eyes are easy to fatigue.

lie on side

07 Avoid bright lights

Avoid strong light. The light should be sufficient and comfortable. The light is too weak to see the font will be closer and closer. Therefore, try not to read in bright light, and adjust the screen's brightness appropriately when using the computer. At the same time, do not rely too much on eye drops. Over-reliance on eye drops will only make the eyes dry and even affect daily life, leading to increasing dependence of the eyes on eye drops.

avoid bright lights

In short, we all know that our eyes are essential, so we need to protect them now and then and not get permanent damage to our eyes for the sake of momentary enjoyment.

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