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When you wake up and find that your eyes are full of red blood, most people will think: "I didn't get a good night's rest again," and rub your eyes to compensate for it.

But are red eyes just tired? Some people use their eyes for a long time and stay up late to look at the phone; red blood appears, so you can say they are tired. But some people obviously sleep enough and still have red blood. What is going on?

red blood eyes

A sentence about tiredness cannot skip the appearance of redness in the eyes. If your eyes are often red, you still need to pay attention to them. Because there are many reasons for the formation of red blood, some of them may be more serious problems, so you can't just ignore it because it is common.

Why do eyes have red blood

The appearance of our eye can be divided into two parts: the black eye and the white eye. The white eye is the tough enclosure of the entire eye, which supports the eye, and is porcelain white, commonly known as the white of the eye, with very few blood vessels.

How can there be red blood when there are few blood vessels? This is because the surface is covered with a thin layer of tissue - the conjunctiva, containing rich capillaries, which are generally invisible to the naked eye, but once stimulated, such as infection, injury, and too much fatigue, the blood vessels will expand and become congested, and then you can see red blood in the eyes.

So people with red blood in the eyes need to pay attention because red blood must represent the eyes in a sub-healthy state; normal people's eyes are black and white.

What conditions tend to cause red blood

General eyes with red bloodshot do not always to the eyes tired to consider. You can look at their recent whether the following conditions.

1, lack of sleep. Staying up late and not getting enough sleep for a long time can cause blood vessels in the eyes to become congested and red blood is evident.

2, germ infection. When the eyes are infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other infections, it can cause keratitis, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, etc. These inflammatory conditions make the blood vessels in the eyes rupture and the symptoms of eye congestion and severe red blood.

3, wear contact lenses for a long time. Contact lenses make the eyes isolated air, and long time wearing will cause corneal hypoxia, easy to cause chronic conjunctival inflammation, resulting in vascular expansion, and the eyes will appear red blood.

4, eye overwork. Often overtime or long hours facing the screen, as well as in too strong or too dark light reading, etc., will cause excessive eye fatigue, thus producing red blood.

5, dry eyes. Tear film stability decreases, and the eye lacks sufficient tear moisture will cause dry eye syndrome. Common symptoms include dry and itchy eyes, red blood, foreign body sensation, pain, photophobia, etc.

How to relieve red bloodshot when it occurs

Do you rub your eyes whenever you feel uncomfortable, whether it is a foreign body or red blood? Although this is not possible when the eyes appear red blood, we can improve by following ways:

1. rest on time. If you use your eyes with high intensity, then you must pay attention to give your eyes regular rest, nothing more than blinking eyes.

2. avoid staying up late. After staying up late, your eyes are nine times out of ten red, be sure to ensure enough sleep time.

3. do a good job of eye cleaning. Clean the skin around the eyes when removing makeup, and regularly clean the eyelids to avoid some debris, bacteria, cosmetics, and other causes of eye inflammation covered with blood.

4. Eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C to improve the eyes' ability to adapt to the environment and weaken the damage of light and oxygen to the lens of the eyes.