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Like most people who buy prescription eyeglasses at local stores, you probably associate high-quality eyeglasses with a high price tag, and think that the quality of cheap glasses is poor.. But are expensive eyeglasses that much better than their cheaper counterparts? As long as you consider these factors below, you should be able to find the proper prescription eyeglasses to correct your vision and protect your budget.

Eyeglasses Frame

When it comes to prescription eyeglasses, the first that cannot be avoided is the eyeglass frame. So, what factors determine the quality of a pair of eyeglass frames besides the eyeglass style? Generally speaking, there are three main factors: material, craft details, and shape.

METAL glasses frames are generally made of copper, nickel, and precious metals. Eyeglasses frames with these rare metals are better hard, can fight strong impact; and are anti-corrosion good than other materials to noticeable effect. However, metal eyeglass frame texture generally, toughness and elasticity are poor, and encounter sweat is more likely to slide.

When you understand manufacturing of metal eyeglasses, you will be able to understand some of the characteristics of metal eyeglass frames and what aspects of their quality we need to pay attention to. You can use your hand to gently bend the rim or leg to see its softness and hardness. Soft in the hard, generally made of brass-based alloy; stainless steel is a little harder; very hard is iron. High-grade metal glasses frame using nickel alloy material production, high strength, good elasticity, can be worn for a long time without deformation. As far as possible, you can identify them according to the following:

  • Look at the surface. Choose a clear, glossy surface with no scratches, bruises, corrosion, or other problems with the glasses' frame.
  • Look at the mark. In addition to printing on the item number, specifications, and frame size, regular manufacturers of frames also print with the brand number.
  • look at the structure. The two legs of the glasses frame should be pulled apart, flat on the glass plate or countertop, the body and legs of the frame to be tilted 10 to 12 degrees angle, two rims to be the same size, and two legs should be the same length, two nose pads need to be the same height.
  • Look at the combination point. Check whether the glasses frame and the leg at the strand are coincident. Metal eyeglasses frame has many welding points to check whether the welding is firm and sharp.

The biggest thing about PLASTIC eyeglass frame is that it is one of the best anti-corrosion and is a higher material. Many consumers also love its sun and environmental protection; it is a light material and low cost.

ACETATE glasses is currently the most popular eyeglass frame material and is also the more widely used eyeglass frame material. It is very resistant to erosion and rusting compared to other materials. In addition, the polished and shaped acetate eyeglasses frames have a high gloss, translucent, soft texture, and are suitable for any skin type.

In addition to some methods that can be used to discern metal frames along the above, the following methods can be used:

1. The strength of the acetate material is harder than plastic, less elastic, and can be bent slightly by hand to feel.

2. The weight of the acetate glasses frame is heavier because of its material density; the material used in the production process of the acetate glasses frame is thicker.

3. Acetate glasses frame needs to go through many automatic and manual polishing processes, so generally, the surface and interior are very smooth. You can adequately check the frame's details or the connection fracture's smoothness. check processing of acetate frames for more details.

So looking at whether a pair of eyeglasses frame is good or bad is to ask more about the material: titanium is more expensive than ordinary metal, and acetate is definitely more expensive than regular plastic. Next, check the details: the opening-closing of its hinges, its surface's smoothness, and the metal welding's flatness. Finally, of course, each person has their favorite frame shapes.

Eyeglasses Lens

As the soul of prescription eyeglasses, the prescription lenses are the key to whether or not these eyeglasses will cause damage to our eyes. But, of course, lenses' attributes are numerous and demanding, and we also look at the main ones.

Ordinary clear prescription lenses check whether the surface of the lens is smooth and free of scratches, whether the vision through the lens is clear, and whether the cover has a reflective green or blue coating.

If you know you have old glasses that you originally used, you can use them to compare the thickness of the lenses under the same size frame. Generally, the thinner the lenses, the higher the price.

Of course, prescription lenses contain so many attributes that, as a rule, on top of the above, eyeglasses worn after the adaptation period without dizziness and clear vision will not harm our eyes.

Judging by the production process of optical lenses, the quality of prescription lenses depends mainly on their raw materials, surface quality, prescription, coatings, and functional effects.

Eyeglass lens material

Most of the current eyeglass lenses are resin material. Low-index lenses are thick but have good imaging-CR39 material; impact-resistant but not wear-resistant-PC material; high-index lenses are thinner, but imaging is not as good as low-index lenses-MR material. As long as the eyeglass lenses are made of mainstream materials, then there is no problem with the quality of their materials.

Lens surface quality

The eyeglass lens's surface has no visible scratches, impurities, or bubbles, whether the surface of the lens is intact without distortion. These are the minimum conditions for glasses lenses to be qualified.

Prescription of the lenses

Whether the lens prescription is within the standard range and whether the optical center of the lenses is shifted, measured by professional instruments. The accuracy of the prescription of the lenses directly affects the comfort of wearing them.

Coatings of the lenses

Whether they contain a hard-coating of anti-scratch, with or without anti-reflective coating. Or a super coating for dust and water resistance, etc. The coating of the eye lenses is an additional option of the lenses, and the combination of various coatings is certainly a plus, but the price will be relatively high.

Consider market price of the lenses and the manufacturer price, we all know that the base cost of the item determines the market price, the cost of sales, and various additional costs such as the brand of the item. Most online websites can reduce the cost of the product by reducing the middleman and the cost of selling in the actual store, so the price will also be lower. So, the price of the glasses is not the only factor that determines the quality of the glasses, and we need a comprehensive check to determine it. Cheap glasses are not harmful to our eyes unless they are also cheap in quality.