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Glasses, especially eyeglasses, are daily objects that many people can't live without, and many people ignore the matter of maintenance, even though they wear eyeglasses every day. However, if we don't maintain the frame and lenses of glasses for a long time, it will affect the function of eyeglasses over time, which can be harmful to our vision and eye health.

Glasses lenses are always dirty; how should they be cleaned correctly?

Eyeglasses with a long time; every once in a while, to take off, you will find the lens dirty and blurred, mainly because of the external environment of dust, oil, impurities, etc., adsorbed on its surface. The vast majority of lenses are now made of resin. During the cleaning process, try not to use too cold or too hot water because the principle of "thermal expansion and contraction" will deform the lenses in the long run.

Just dab a little detergent on the lens, add a few drops of water, gently wipe with a soft cloth, do not repeatedly rub with your fingers forcibly, and then rinse the wiped lens with warm water and wipe clean with a clean cloth. Using a soft cloth prevents complex objects from rubbing against the lenses and avoids causing scratches on the lenses. Also, the use of paper towels is highly discouraged, as most of them are rough and can easily damage the surface coating of the lenses.

How should we maintain our glasses?

First of all, the glasses themselves are prone to static electricity. In physics, static electricity can attract light substances, dust, and lint; sometimes, you just put, this will happen. When not in use, it is best to put the glasses in the case.

Secondly, when wiping the lenses, remember not to wipe only in one direction and do not force; over time, there will be horizontal or vertical wipe marks.

Third, do not use your hand to touch the lens directly when you take the glasses. The human hand has fingerprints; they have a rough feeling and a certain amount of sweat; if you touch the lens, it will leave a sizeable fuzzy fingerprint on it. Sometimes, your fingernails will have unavoidable scratches on the lens, and this is a small detail that needs attention.

Finally, if your glasses have been used for a long time, more or less worn, or scratched, these are difficult to avoid, you can consider buy a new pair of glasses. With new glasses, your vision will improve, and you will undoubtedly feel better.