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The number of COVID-19 infections is increasing, and everyone is concerned: How do I need to respond if infected? As a practitioner in the eyewear industry, ABBE Glasses would like to introduce this issue briefly - if you are infected, don't wear contact lenses!

Why contact lenses are not suitable if you are infected with COVID-19?

The local resistance of the eye decreases during the infection, and the chance of eye complications becomes higher. This starts with the symptoms of COVID-19 infection - symptoms of cold and fever.

cold and fever

First, In the case of cold and fever, the barrier capacity of the eye surface to resist infection by foreign microorganisms is reduced. There is a risk of triggering eye surface infections and discomfort because of poor hand hygiene, storage care of lenses, and wearing them.

2nd, Tear secretion decreases when you have a cold and fever. If contact lenses continue to be worn, bacteria will multiply, and their metabolites will be deposited between the contact lens and the eye, making it less oxygen permeable. The normal metabolism of the cornea is disturbed, which may lead to bacterial corneal ulcers.

3rd, Many anti-cold, cough, and painkillers contain ingredients that inhibit tear secretion. The conjunctiva and cornea of regular contact lens wearers are prone to dryness. So if you take such drugs, you will reduce the degree of wetness of the cornea even more, causing your contact lenses to become too dry and less transparent, and causing your eyes to become red, itchy, have a foreign body sensation, vision loss and other uncomfortable symptoms.

So, not only infection COVID-19 but even a common cold or fever should stop wearing contact lenses!

When will I be able to wear contact lenses again when the infection is over?

If the infection recovers with no symptoms of infection and no eye discomfort, it is recommended that contact lens wear be resumed after about a week.

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