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Many individuals are opting for prescription eyeglasses, especially when purchasing them for the first time. There are commonly held misconceptions such as "Avoid wearing eyeglasses for extended periods of time" and "Wearing eyeglasses will cause facial deformation." However, these beliefs are not accurate.

facial deformation

Wearing eyeglasses will cause facial deformation

Wearing prescription glasses won't alter the shape of your face, as the weight of the glasses is evenly distributed across the bridge of the nose and the temples where they come into contact with the face. This pressure is minimal and not enough to cause any noticeable changes.

The human skull is strong and capable of supporting the weight of glasses, and the bones in the face and head are also flexible enough to adjust to accommodate the glasses without becoming permanently altered.

While some people may develop wrinkles or pressure marks on their skin from wearing glasses for long periods, these are only temporary and will disappear once the glasses are removed. They do not result in any permanent changes to the shape of the face. The so-called deformation, seen from the outside of the lens due to light refraction, is just an illusion of the eye, not reality.

eyeglass prescription

Wearing glasses can make your prescription go up

No, that's a misconception. Wearing eyeglasses won't cause your prescription to change or become stronger. Your prescription is determined by your individual needs and is meant to correct any refractive errors you may have.

There are some factors that can cause your prescription to change over time, such as aging, changes in the shape of the eye, and certain medical conditions. However, wearing eyeglasses does not directly impact the strength of your prescription.

If you feel that your eyesight has changed or you're having trouble seeing clearly with your glasses, it's best to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. They will be able to determine if your prescription needs to be updated or adjusted.

lower prescription glasses

Can I wear glasses with a lower prescription than prescribed?

While you technically can, it's not recommended. Wearing glasses with a prescription that is weaker than what was prescribed by your eye doctor can negatively impact your vision and potentially cause discomfort or eye strain.

Your eyeglasses are prescribed to correct specific visual impairments, ensuring clear and comfortable vision. If the prescription is too weak, it can lead to blurred vision or other visual symptoms.

If you feel that your current prescription is too strong, it's best to discuss this with your eye doctor. They may be able to adjust your prescription based on your individual visual needs and make sure you have the proper correction.

It's crucial to remember that eyeglasses are a medical device, and you should always follow your eye doctor's recommendations regarding your prescription and use of glasses.