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Unfounded rumors, whether in the past or present, fill our lives all the time. Therefore, hearing is not believing, seeing is always believing, and it has become the "truth" we hold to judge things. But often, what we see is not always believing. The eyes that we use to evaluate things are not so "reliable."

To detect whether your eyes are "reliable," today, we have found some sets of test charts so that you can test them.

color weakness test
color weakness test
color weakness test
color weakness test

All done, right? If you can identify the words and patterns in the picture, your eyes are still "reliable." If you need help getting them right, then you should be careful. Your "unreliable" eyes will likely suffer from "color weakness"! We will announce the answers at the end of the article.

What is "color weakness"?

First, it is essential to clarify that "color blindness" and "color weakness" are entirely different conditions.

"Color blindness is the inability to distinguish between colors in the natural spectrum or a certain color, that is, the inability to distinguish between colors. "Color weakness" is a condition in which the ability to recognize colors is delayed or poor, although the person can see the colors that an average person would see. When the light is low, some people can barely distinguish colors.

eye blindness

If you suffer from "color weakness," do not worry; it may not be your problem this time.

Congenital factors

If the father is a healthy person and the mother is a "color weakness" patient, the son must be a "color weakness" patient. If the mother and father are both "color weakness," then the children are definitely "color weakness" patients.

Acquired factors

In forming our color vision, light reaches the retina through the eye, stimulates the cone cells, and finally produces the signal visual nerve transmission brain center. If any one of these stages of the process is out of order, it may lead to the emergence of "color weakness."

Is "color weakness" still curable?

There is no effective treatment for people with congenital "color weakness." Acquired "color weakness" can be improved by treatment, such as medication or surgery. However, with the development of technology, there are now many convenient and valuable tools for people with particular eye needs. They can wear "color vision correction lenses" to improve their quality of life.

Of course, don't panic if you discover that you are "colorblind" or "color-weak." It is the right thing to do to maintain a normal state of mind and face life positively. After all, the world you see in your eyes, but also very beautiful and unique!

Test answers: cow (abnormal color vision may see deer), 8, 62, 113