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When you want to change a pair of eyeglass frames, you will always be torn about what kind of eyeglass frames look better and fit you! When you see a wide range of eyeglass frame types, you are blinded and don't know what kind of frame to get.

Each eyeglass frame has unique features, and the key is to see how the wearer wears it or what clothing is more suitable for the occasion. The role of eyeglass frames for different events may not only be as simple as correcting vision but also for dressing.

Full-rim glasses frame (beauty tool)

Many people think that wearing full-rim glasses frames will make people look too old and nerdy, but they don't! Nowadays, the design and manufacture of eyeglass frames can already achieve the effect of "beauty." As long as you choose correctly, wearing eyeglasses is a plus. When a girl decides on full-frame glasses, she should pay attention to the frame to be relatively thin, while the color should have a more excellent contrast with her skin tone.

For strong prescription users, a full-rim frame may be more effective to wear, and this is because the edge of the frame is more beautiful. In addition, the shape of the glasses frame material will be relatively wealthy and varied; that is to say, the full-frame glasses will be more styles than other frame type glasses frame, and the choice will also increase a lot.

Half rim glasses frames (stylish)

Most half-rim glasses are simple in shape, stable and generous; these semi-rim eyeglass frames are mostly made of pure titanium or titanium alloy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The frame shape of half-frame glasses is generally rectangular and oval and is considered the most widely used in eyeglasses frames. Many workplace elites are like this simple shape of the glasses frame.

Rimless Glasses (Unusual Taste)

The rimless glasses use the technology of punching holes in the lenses, known for their lightweight and the advantage of wearing transparency. Also, because of this technology, the hardness of the lenses is required to be higher. In addition, it has limitations in terms of style. Currently, many rimless glasses on ABBE Glasses allow you to choose the shape of the lenses according to your preference, which many rimless glasses lovers like.

In short, no matter what frame type of eyeglass frame you choose, you need to integrate various factors to select a suitable eyeglass frame. A truth especially reminds the majority of consumers: The eye prescription is too strong, the thicker the edge of the lens, and all try to avoid choosing rimless glasses.