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Wearing prescription eyeglasses is a pain, and buying prescription eyeglasses is even more of a hassle, so today we'll talk about 5 tips for you to purchase prescription glasses.

Do not use a prescription printed out by the machine directly

The machine printout can only provide rough objective optometry data and is affected by many factors, such as individual eye adjustment ability differences, optometry cooperation, optometrist operation errors, etc. Suppose we use the phone for a while before the optometry, it will cause eye fatigue, resulting in high prescription, and the glasses with such optometry results will probably not fit.

A professional optometrist will confirm individual differences, eye environment, vision needs, and other aspects before issuing a prescription for glasses on the basis of optometry data so that the glasses dispensed can reach the standard of comfort, durability, and clarity.

Do not use a expired prescription when buying new glasses

The professional optometry process can take about half an hour, and some people use expired prescription data to purchase new glasses for convenience. The human eye, although very precise, is also very forgiving. It is not easy to feel discomfort if your eye prescription does not increase much. And even if myopia or presbyopia and astigmatism really do not change, the axis of astigmatism may change, and the corresponding parameters will need to be adjusted appropriately after changing to a new eyeglass frame.


Try on New Eyeglasses

When you buy clothes, you need to try them on, and when you get new prescription glasses, you need to try them on even more. Your eyes may not immediately perceive a little mistake, but you may find the problem after trying them on for a while. It is advisable to try them on for more than ten minutes, simulating as many scenes of daily life as possible, such as going up and down stairs, squatting and standing up, brushing cell phones, etc. If you are uncomfortable, let the optometrist adjust them on the spot immediately, and never settle for anything less than the best. This is an irreversible loss.

As an increasingly convenient way to buy prescription glasses online, ABBE Glasses offers a trial period of up to 14 days, during which you can return them for free at any time if you feel any discomfort.

Glasses frames are not lighter the better

Many people choose eyeglass frames; in addition to the requirements of aesthetics, the biggest requirement is light. But in addition to the weight of the frame, we also need to take into account the weight of the lenses to make careful consideration. Sometimes the frame alone is really light, but with the lenses found not much lighter, even more pressure on the bridge of the nose, and it will frequently fall down.

The glasses frame is light; if the lens is heavy, the frame can not play a good support role; the whole pair of glasses will be head heavy, which will cause the glasses to pressure the nose bridge also wear unstable down, so be sure not to pursue glasses light and sacrifice the stability.

Strong Prescription Avoid Large Frames

Large frames or oversized glasses seem to have long become synonymous with trends, but it doesn't really apply to everyone, especially if you need to buy prescription glasses. A single-vision lens has only one optical center point, which needs to be aligned with the human pupil during lens processing to achieve the best imaging results. If we choose a large frame, the optical center of the lens needs to be shifted up to match the pupil height, and sometimes the lens needs to be shifted in to match the pupillary distance. The thicker part of the lens will be incorporated into the frame, so the overall weight of the glasses will be heavier, and the increased thickness of the edges will be unattractive while also very much affecting the comfort and stability of the glasses.