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The eyes are the windows to one's soul. Everyone must have a window to the depths of the soul that helps them see the beauty around them during the day and gives off a jewel-like glow at night. Gradually, the eyes have endowed us with too much.

But there are still people who are unaware of their blessings, and some children are envious of others who wear prescription glasses. This is a ridiculous idea. As the number of myopia increases, we should pay more attention to the health of our eyes. So, let's start with knowing your eyes!

At the front of our eyes, there is a transparent membrane that we call the cornea. The cornea covers the iris, the pupil, and the anterior chamber and provides most of the refractive power. Not only that, the nerve endings of the cornea protect the eye by closing the eyelid in time when there is no contact from outside.

Of course, a normal cornea is clear and transparent and is able to provide good focus. All in all, the cornea is very important for our eyes. Once the cornea becomes inflamed or diseased, it is important to seek medical attention. Otherwise, once the consequences are serious, it is unthinkable.

Recently, there was a news on a website: a twenty-year-old girl finally lost her eyesight because of corneal detachment because of staying up late to play video games. The lesson brought to us by blindness is weighty. So, the next inventory life in the common harm to the eye behavior.

Behaviors that hurt your eyes

1, Continuous high-intensity eye use. Nowadays, whether we are working or writing homework, the time we spend with our eyes is very long. Not only that, but our eyes are also in a state of tension for a long time. This eye damage to our eyes is great, and it is easy to become myopic.

2, The poor eye environment. We know from childhood not to lie down to read, not to mention in the shaking carriage to read books. This phrase is used in the present day, do not lie or watch cell phones in the shaking carriage, which is also extremely harmful to the eyes.

3, Often in the dark to browse the phone or play video games. Now there are many young people who have the habit of staying up late at night browsing cell phones. In fact, turning off the lights to look at cell phones and computers will increase the burden on the eyes. If serious, it will also cause a variety of eye diseases. Therefore, if you use electronic products in a dark environment, be sure to turn on the lights.

4, Indiscriminate drops of eye drops. Most eye drops contain preservatives, and prolonged use may damage the cells of the eye. In fact, no matter what kind of eye drops, they can not be used for a long time without permission and must be used according to the doctor's instructions. Otherwise, long-term incorrect eye drops are likely to induce cataracts and other diseases.

5, Swimming without swimming goggles. Summer is coming, and a number of people will choose to go swimming to relax. It is important to note that swimming must wear goggles. Avoid impurities in the water into the eyes, reducing the risk of eye infection bacteria.

6. Wear contact lenses for a long time. If you wear contact lenses for too long, it will cause corneal edema. This, in turn, affects the light transmission of the cornea and causes vision damage.


Eyes are very important to us. Of course, in addition to avoiding the above in our lives, we can also improve the brightness of our eyes by taking nutritional supplements. We can supplement nutrients in two ways. On the one hand, vitamin A can repair the injured corneal cells. For this, we can do so by consuming fruits, vegetables, carrots, and other foods. On the other hand, vitamin B12 is an antioxidant for the eyes, and these can be supplemented by consuming substances such as fish, eggs, and milk.

In conclusion, in order to make our eyes healthier and brighter. We should start now and pay attention to the details of our lives to protect our eyes, and we should also be careful not to rub our eyes with dirty hands in general. Once our eyes are infected by bacteria, we can lose sight in serious cases. So, please take care of our eyes.