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We have repeatedly mentioned the concept that outdoor activities play an important role in preventing myopia ,and the biggest reason for this lies in sunlight.


Why does outdoor light have such a strong effect on myopia

The reason why outdoor light has such a strong relationship with the protection of vision is that.

1. Sunlight promotes the body to secrete more vitamin D, which increases the body's absorption of calcium and the fundus's resilience.

2. Adequate outdoor sunlight can stimulate the retina to release dopamine, inhibiting the eye axis's growth.

3. Frequent exposure to light outdoors will narrow the pupil, and a narrow pupil will deepen the depth of field of the eye and reduce blur.

So it is not unreasonable to encourage parents to take their children outdoors. It is recommended to spend at least 2 hours outdoors every day. Even if both parents are nearsighted, adequate outdoor light exposure will still protect the eyes, and the risk of myopia in children is relatively low.

Outdoor activities are delicate, need to do the following 4 points

Be sure to do outdoor activities during the daytime

The key to outdoor activities is not exercise, but sunlight, so outdoor activities must be chosen during daytime hours.

Need to avoid noon hours

Although the sunlight is good, the sun's ultraviolet rays also damage the retina; it is best to choose the morning 9:00-10:00 and afternoon 15:00-16:00 hours, which will not be harsh to the eyes of the time activities.

Ensure adequate outdoor activity time of 2 hours per day

Some reports state that young children should have no less than 2 hours of outdoor activity per day. The 2 hours here is a cumulative amount of time per day and does not mean that they need to be outside for 2 hours at a time.

Sun protection before going out

Although the sun is friendly to the eyes, the skin can not be nice, so whether it is winter or summer, whether it is cloudy or sunny, before outdoor activities, be sure to do an excellent job of sun protection.

One less light on is very harmful to the eyes

In addition to sunlight, the light sources we are most exposed to daily are various indoor lights. Unfortunately, too much or not enough indoor lighting can also induce myopia.

indoor lights

When using indoor lighting, the greater the contrast between the brightness of the indoor environment and the books and work surface, the easier it is to cause visual fatigue. For example, if only one lamp to read or write homework at night, it is easy to eye fatigue. So, besides the desk lamp, we should turn on another indoor overhead light to reduce the difference between indoor light and dark.

Use electronics with lights on

In the absence of other lights, the screen light of electronic products in the dark will be more blinding, causing the eyes to unconsciously dilate pupils, which can easily lead to eye fatigue, dryness, eye pain, and a series of symptoms, which in turn cause myopia to deepen.

Turn off the lights at bedtime

All physiological functions of the human body have a stable circadian rhythm. However, when the lights are left on at bedtime, the light at night suppresses the secretion of melatonin in the pineal gland of the brain, which in turn breaks the body's circadian rhythm, growth and development patterns, and endocrine levels. This leads to premature maturation in young children, and their growing eye axis is also one of the manifestations.

The layout of qualified indoor lighting environment

To make a subjective judgment, indoor and outdoor brightness is impossible to observe with the naked eye. So parents who are worried that their children's eye environment is not up to par should do?

  • The standard of qualified indoor lighting source is: the illumination reaches 750lx, the color temperature is moderate in 4000K, bright and dark uniform, the daylight in the child's room should refer to this standard purchase.
  • When buying reading lighting, you need to choose a high-frequency lamp that is not easy to flicker, and it is best to select an illumination level of ≥ 500lx eye protection lamp.
  • When children are doing their homework in the room at night, make sure to keep the fluorescent light and reading light on at the same time.
  • You can purchase an illuminance meter to check whether the room's light level and the eye environment's desktop are qualified.